Employer-subsidised sessions

Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) works directly with employers  to provide online counselling & coaching services as part of their staff wellbeing programmes, also known as Employee Assistance Programmes or EAP in Singapore.

There are many ways that thriving employees contribute to their organisation. General mental wellness improves all aspects of life, including work. Counselling and other wellbeing support has been shown to not just boost employee satisfaction, but it also reduces absenteeism and improve productivity.

A survey of 505 companies by National Council for Social Service (NCSS) in 2017 found that for every S$1 invested in workplace adjustments to support employees (including access to counselling), generated an average return of S$5.60. 


  • We provide quality counselling that is completely confidential to help employees address both work-related and personal issues.
  • Our Therapists are all either Singaporean or Singapore-based. This ensures that they are culturally sensitive and understand the local context and societal pressures specific to Asia.
  • Our Therapists come from different backgrounds and have wide-ranging areas of expertise, allowing employees to select someone who best suits their needs.
  • Counselling and coaching sessions can be bought at affordable rates for employees' ready access.
  • We offer sessions after hours and on weekends so employees can fit us in after work and around other commitments.


We deliver bespoke webinars on a range of topics depending on your organisation’s needs.  Some of the topics we can cover include:

Personal development

  • Effective presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Confidence building
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Effective time management
  • Taking charge of your life
  • Self-care for busy professionals

Professional development

  • Assertiveness at work
  • Managing interpersonal conflict at work
  • Overcoming common workplace challenges
  • Enhancing workplace communication
  • Managing poor employee morale
  • Bringing out the best in you at work

Mental health and well-being

  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress from work
  • Adjusting to going back to office post-circuit breaker
  • Building strong relationships


If you would like EAP support for your organisation, please leave a message here, and someone from our team will contact you soon.