Therapist Guide


Where can I find my booked sessions?

If you scroll down on your Dashboard, you will see all your upcoming sessions with the relevant details (Date, Time, Client Name, Type of Session, Medium).

For every session, once it is past session time, the appointment will automatically be removed from your list of “Upcoming” sessions and added to your list of “Passed” sessions. You may click on the “Passed” tab to view all passed sessions. 

How do I cancel a session?

On your Therapist Dashboard, if you scroll down, you will see your list of upcoming sessions under the “Upcoming” tab. Go to the session you wish to cancel and click on “CANCEL”. You will be asked to  input your reason for cancellation. 

Depending on the reason for cancellation, you can then choose to either close or keep the slot on your profile for other clients to book.

Your client will be notified via email of the cancellation.

Note: Please avoid cancelling sessions unless you have a valid reason (See below).

When can I cancel a session?

You can cancel a session for the following reasons:

  • You have a personal emergency (eg death in the family). 
  • You are unwell.
  • The session booked is too close to the client’s last session. 
  • You are not taking new clients at the moment.
  • You are no longer able to work with that client.

Please also avoid cancelling multiple times with the same client(s) / new client(s) as it does not reflect well on our services. New clients may also be in a vulnerable place, and cancellations may leave them stressed or upset, especially since they have not yet built a rapport with you.

How do I edit my availability?

Once you are signed into your account, if you click on “Calendar” on the right of your Therapist Dashboard, you will see your availability for the current month.

Particular dates: For changes to particular dates only, please select the date you want to make changes to and update your preferences accordingly (ie add or remove slots, edit timing /medium of session). Click on “CONFIRM CHANGES” to save your changes.

Note: Slots that have been booked by clients (marked in purple) cannot be edited.

Bulk slots: To add slots in bulk, please select “ADD BULK SLOTS” at the top of your calendar and input your preferences accordingly in each field. Slots can be opened up to 3 months in advance.

Note: All existing available slots that overlap with the new times will be overwritten. Any overlapping booked slots will NOT be affected.

Can I allocate slots separately for online / in-person sessions?

Yes, you are now able to allocate slots solely for online / in-person sessions, and the TYHO team will no longer check in on your in-person availability.

To allocate slots in bulk, please go to “My Calendar” on the right of your Therapist Dashboard and select “ADD BULK SLOTS”. After entering the time period (eg 10am-6pm) and gap between sessions (eg 15 minutes between sessions), the corresponding slots will be reflected. You can then select the “Medium” (eg online / in-person) accordingly.

To repeat this arrangement, select the days of the week you want it repeated on (eg Monday and Thursdays only) and the duration of repetition (eg 2 months). This means that the slots will be repeated on Mondays and Thursdays for the next 2 months. Lastly, please indicate the date you want to kickstart such arrangement and click on “Confirm Slots” to update your availability accordingly.

Note: All existing available slots that overlap with the new times will be overwritten. Any overlapping booked slots will not be affected.


What if I find my client a poor fit?

The client may be a poor fit due to various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • You are not well-versed in the issue(s) the client has come with.
  • You are uncomfortable with providing support for the issue(s) the client has come with.
  • Working with the client results in a conflict of interest or breach of confidentiality (eg if a client’s partner comes to you for support as well).
  • You are unable to accommodate a client’s availability.
  • The client is high-risk, and may threaten their / your safety.

If after the first / several session(s), you find the client to be a poor fit, you may wish to either communicate this with them directly or inform the TYHO team. We will then assist with next steps.

What if I no longer wish to work with a particular client?

If you no longer wish to work with a particular client, please email the TYHO team at with their user ID and name.


How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by clicking on “My Profile” on the right of your Therapist Dashboard.

Thereafter, you will see 3 separate tabs: “Profile”, “Contact Details”, and “Preferences”.

  • “Profile” tab: To make changes related to your profile that are visible to clients such as your name, issues you help with, and in-person session address. Please note that certain changes (eg your services and medium) will require approval from TYHO Admin.
  • “Contact Details” tab: To make changes to your mobile number tagged to your Therapist account.
  • “Preferences” tab: To make changes to notice period for new bookings, or open / close your profile to new clients.

Technical Issues

The call has frozen or dropped.

Please ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection before you join the call. 

You can do a speed test through Google to check your upload and download speeds.  If you have weak Wi-Fi connection, you may wish to move to another location or use a mobile hotspot.

If the screen freezes or the call drops during a session, please rejoin it through your Dashboard. 

I am unable to hear my client when I navigate to another window or application.

Please ensure that you do not navigate away from the screen during the call throughout the session. Navigating to another window or application may disconnect you from the session. If this happens, please rejoin the session. 

Use a laptop if you would like to share screen or use a virtual background. 

What happens if my client disconnects during a session?

Your client may disconnect from the session when they navigate away from the browser. The client’s screen may be blacked out.

Please rejoin the session if the client drops off and does not rejoin in a few minutes.