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TYHO has a 10% acceptance rate for therapists. We curate our Therapist pool carefully and handpick only the best for you.

Before choosing a TYHO Therapist who suits your needs, you may wish to read their full profile, watch their video, and read through selected client reviews.

Singapore psychologists at TYHO

Our Featured Therapists

Tarin Choudhury


Professional Counsellor

Tarin works with teenagers, young adults, and adults variety of issues from anxiety, low self-esteem, boundary issues, and depression to grief and loss.


Starting from USD 95

Charles Counsellor Singapore


Professional Counsellor

Charlie works with individuals and couples facing anxiety, stress, depression, marriage preparation, grief, and relationship issues.

Starting from USD 95

counsellor Singapore -Aparna


Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Aparna works with individuals and couples facing anxiety, anger management, stress, depression, existential issues, self-esteem, and relationship issues.

Starting from USD 130


Professional Counsellor

Alicia specialises in self-development, behaviour change, building respectful relationships, and interpersonal issues.

Starting from USD 130

Patrice Pedjoe Lee


Professional Counsellor

Patrice specialises in anxiety, depression, life transitions, marriage/couples counselling and trauma-related issues.

Starting from USD 95

Alexis Lion


Professional Counsellor

Alexis works with individuals facing anxiety, stress, depression, personality disorders, life transitions, relationship issues, and trauma.

Starting from USD 95

Online Therapist TYHO


Professional Counsellor

Glenn works with individuals and couples facing anxiety, burnout, depression, sex-related issues, relationship issues, bipolar disorder, and LGBTQ-related issues.

Starting from USD 130

Therapist Singapore - Yen

Yen Ping

Professional Counsellor

Yen works with children, adolescents, and individuals facing anxiety, stress, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and trauma.

Starting from USD 95

TYHO Online Therapist


Professional Counsellor

Evonne works with adolescents and individuals facing anxiety, stress, depression, LGBTQ-related issues, cultural adjustment, and grief.

Starting from USD 95

Couples Counsellor in Singapore, Connie Wong


Professional Counsellor

Connie is an experienced counsellor who is able to help clients with a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety, cultural adjustment, and LGBTQ issues.

Starting from USD 95


Clinical Psychologist

Glennamarie specialises in burnout, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger issues, eating concerns, addictions, OCD, ADHD, trauma & PTSD.

Starting from USD 95

TYHO Therapists

How are TYHO Therapists selected?

Our Therapists not only have the right qualifications (min. Master’s degree) and professional training, but are also aligned with TYHO values. These include being empathetic, non-judgmental and sensitive to diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Each of them is deeply committed to providing their clients with effective therapy.

Our Therapists have also lived and worked in many different countries or organisations. As such, they tap on their varied and unique life experiences when interacting with clients.

Together, their diversity of background and skills will allow you to find someone who best suits your needs. 

What is the difference between Care and Empathy Therapists?

We currently have two categories of TYHO Therapists – Care and Empathy – who charge a slightly different fee. The categorisation considers various factors including:
  • Their specialisations (ie whether they have to undertake and continue working towards specialist certifications such as EMDR, Gottman etc which require additional costs and supervision);

  • The predominant composition / demographics of their clientele (ie whether they mainly work with working professionals, or full-time caregivers / or youth – the latter requiring more affordable support);

  • Their availability on the platform (ie the number of slots they have made available and the percentage of slots booked).
Regardless of category, all TYHO Therapists were selected via the same stringent process, and are able to recognise and help with mental health issues listed on their profiles, including mild to moderate forms of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or work-related stress. Ultimately, the fit between client and their Therapist is most important for effective therapeutic outcomes, and selection of the right Therapist is key (regardless of their Therapist category).

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