Welcome to the TYHO Community! 💜 We are proud of the community we have built so far, of empathetic and motivated individuals looking for ways to improve our mental health and contribute to the society in ways both big and small. 

This is an open space for us to connect, share, and support each other as we cross paths on our individual journeys. 

We are always exploring avenues to engage meaningfully with our ever-growing TYHO community! Here are some ways you can join us:  

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TYHO Book Club

We are thrilled to start reading alongside you. If you are keen to join us and share your thoughts & takeaways, register with us here. Remember, reading is a subjective experience and there is no one “right” interpretation!

Next Book Club Session: 8 PM SGT on 30 June 2022

The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong by Suchen Christine Lim

Suchen Lim’s stories “tackle difficult themes that discomfit a mainstream congregation or audience, and highlight difficult subjects”. Indeed, The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong is a collection of stories that weaves humour and social insights, and gives voice to those who tread on the margins of society. Read the book via Libby (by NLB) here

The Man Who Wore His Wife's Sarong