Welcome to the TYHO Community! πŸ’œ We are proud of the community we have built so far, of empathetic and motivated individuals looking for ways to improve our mental health and contribute to the society in ways both big and small. This is an open space for us to connect, share, and support each other as we cross paths on our individual journeys. We are always exploring avenues to engage meaningfully with our ever-growing TYHO community!

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Upcoming AMA:

β€œEverything, Everywhere, All at Once” - Mental Wellness for the Women of Today

March 24th, Sun, 11:00 AM | 30 Maxwell Road, #01-03, Singapore

Participants can expect to engage in a lively AMA about what self-care really means for women in today’s context and learn more about the 5 core elements of self-care.

Please visit the event page to book your ticket! 

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