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At Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO), we provide quality therapy in Australia to help you manage any and all issues you may be facing.

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How TYHO Works


Choose Your Therapist

Filter Australian Therapists by gender, expertise, service, and languages spoken. Explore Therapist descriptions and videos to find your perfect match.

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Online psychologists in Australia


Make a Booking

Click the ‘Book a Session’ button to view available dates. Create an account to manage and schedule your therapy sessions.


Attend Therapy

Start online therapy by filling out the Intake Form and working with your Therapist on a Therapeutic Plan via video or audio sessions.

Therapists in Australia

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Unparalleled Expertise

Australian counsellors hold a minimum master's in counselling and have specialised training in approaches like mindfulness-based therapy.

Advanced Online Platform

Access TYHO's features all in one place, including tracking homework, connecting with your Therapist, and scheduling sessions.

Comprehensive Service Range

Australian psychologists have experience working with several issues, such as post-trauma stress, depression, work anxiety, and more.

Personalised Approach

TYHO Therapists create personalised therapeutic plans using scientific approaches such as solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT).

Flexible Scheduling

Book online therapy sessions with us in the morning, evening, and weekends. Same-day bookings are also available.

Commitment to Privacy and Confidentiality

We take strict measures to protect your personal data and ensure the confidentiality of all sessions by TYHO Therapists in Australia.

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Quality Online Therapy
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Choosing the right Therapist.

At TYHO, we use the term ‘Therapists’ to refer to all mental health professionals, including counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists in Australia. Finding a Therapist can be overwhelming as we might share deeply personal thoughts and feelings. Hence, we must find someone we feel most comfortable and safe with. The TYHO team is here to help you connect with an excellent Therapist who can support you.

What you can expect.

At TYHO, all our online Therapists in Australia are qualified with a minimum of a master’s in counselling. We hold our Therapists to high standards – they have the necessary training and align with TYHO’s core values, which include empathy, non-judgementalism, and sensitivity to different perspectives. We guarantee that all our professionals are committed to providing you with the best possible care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available timings, and how do I book a session?

To view the available timings of your preferred online mental health Therapist, please visit their full profile. 

Click the ‘Book a Session’ button in the Therapist’s profile. Here, you can choose the service type (individual counselling, family counselling etc) and medium (eg audio or video sessions) to view the availability of your Therapist. 

Click on your preferred date from the list of options and book a session. To make your payments, you may need to create an account with TYHO. You will receive your booking confirmation immediately.

Moreover, you can also view and manage all your sessions on your account dashboard. 

In your TYHO dashboard, you will also find your therapy homework and other details, such as feedback forms and your therapeutic plan. 

Is there free therapy in Australia?

You may get free therapy in Australia depending on several factors, such as your area, school, and organisation.   

Try reaching out to your local school counsellor if you are a student. Most schools, universities, and TAFEs offer free counselling services to students.   

On the other hand, you can check with your company HR for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) if you are working.  

At TYHO, we offer EAP services to organisations of all sizes. You can receive high-quality mental health support at a subsidised price.  

With EAP service at TYHO, you would gain benefits such as:  

  • Personalised therapy for issues like depression or social anxiety  
  • Support for family problems like lack of open communication with parents 
  • Training and management for work-related stress and burnout
  • 24/7 access to qualified Therapists  
  • Group therapy sessions 
  • Webinars and workshops on personal and professional development
How much does therapy cost in Australia?

At TYHO, online therapy in Australia starts from 95 USD.

Your online therapy sessions will include a personalised therapeutic plan, regular clinical impressions from your Therapist, access to free resources, and high-quality online therapy in Australia. 

How long is each session?

Each counselling session is one hour long at TYHO. 

The duration of therapy applies to all services, including individual therapy, couples therapy and family counselling

Does TYHO provide online counselling in Australia?

Yes, we provide online counselling in Australia

You can choose either online audio or video sessions. Do note that the process of therapy is the same regardless of the medium of therapy. 

How does psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, is when you talk to a professional (eg counsellor or psychologist) about your personal problems, such as lack of confidence, issues with social interactions, and conflicts with your family. 

In the initial sessions, your online psychotherapist will build rapport with you. During this stage, you may ask any questions you have. 

For example, you can enquire about the process of therapy, the therapeutic approach used, or your Therapist’s qualifications. 

Similarly, your Therapist may also ask you several questions related to your medical history, family history, past relationships, presenting problems, and so on. 

Please try to be as honest as possible in answering all the questions. Being open during therapy will give you a chance to develop a healthy and positive relationship with your Therapist (known as ‘Therapeutic alliance’). 

Research shows that having a strong therapeutic alliance will also have positive therapy outcomes. 

In other words, the stronger your bond with your Therapist, the sooner you can expect to notice progress in your life. 

After getting to know each other, you will be focusing on setting realistic goals and timelines to achieve them. 

Your Therapist will also share details about the approach they plan to use to help you. 

You can provide feedback to your Therapist regularly – this can also help them personalise their approach to best fit your needs.