Couples Counselling

Who is couples counselling for?

As adults, however, everyone has already formed their own set of beliefs and way of life. How much one should give in is a hard gauge. At the same time, people will change over time given different experiences in life. Having to adapt to each other’s changes can be a tough one as well. 

Couples counselling allows couples to:

  • identify and understand what the conflicts exactly are within the relationship;
  • work through their problems via open communication; and
  • build up skills to ensure smoother communication in future.

In essence, the counsellor will act as a mediator that helps couple who have drifted apart to talk about their relationship problems openly and actively search for ways to resolve these issues.

On their own, some couples may find it hard to communicate honestly and not hurt each other’s feelings at the same time. The presence of a counsellor acts as a clear-headed third party that stops the session from turning into an argument and keeps the communication going.

It is also important to note that it is plausible for only one person to start seeking counselling first. This can happen especially when the other half is still uncomfortable about couples counselling. Rather than just giving up on the idea of seeking external professional help, you can choose to book sessions with counsellors as an individual first.

Do I need this? Some red flags to pay attention to...

  • You can’t get intimate with your partner.
  • You don’t feel like you are of equal status with your partner.
  • You feel uncomfortable communicating with your partner about problems in your relationship.
  • You realise that arguments about the same few issues resurface over and over again.
  • You feel indifferent to problems in your relationship.
  • You no longer enjoy spending quality time with your partner.
  • You feel lonely even when you’re around your partner.
  • You dread going home to face your partner.
  • You realise that you/your partner are keeping secrets from each other.
  • You realise elements of emotional and/or physical abuse in your relationship.

Who on our platform can assist with this?

Professional Counsellor

Karen specialises in marriage counselling, and marriage preparation to build strong relationships.  

Professional Counsellor

Alice works with a range of clients on long term issues by using EMDR techniques for effective results.

Professional Counsellor

Lira works with local and expatriate clients, drawing on her multi-cultural and multi-lingual background.

Professional Counsellor

Edmund is very experienced in working with youth, and can assist with a broad range of issues. 

Professional Counsellor

Alyssa often works with young adults (professionals, students) and is comfortable with text based live chat.