Couples Counselling

Who is couples counselling for?

We provide couples counselling in Singapore for people who are romantically involved with each other. Some aspects of couples therapy may involve discussing premarital counselling. 

Couples counselling allows partners to gain insight and resolve any conflicts within their relationship.

Seeing a relationship therapist can be beneficial for all types of relationships, whether the partners are young, old, straight, gay, mixed-race, dating, engaged or married. 

Some common concerns addressed during couples therapy are issues surrounding emotional distance, frequent conflict, substance abuse, sex, infidelity, gambling, money, in-laws and health issues. 

What can couples counselling do for both of you?

Going for relationship counselling allows you to: 

  • define expectations in your relationship;
  • focus on identifying conflicts in your relationship and using techniques to address them;
  • gain insight into the dynamics of your relationship;
  • understand each partner’s perspective and role in their relational dynamics;
  • communicate openly and reconnect with your partner (eg having healthy discussions, building trust); and
  • reclaim trust and commitment in your relationship.

How do we know whether to go for couples counselling?

Some red flags to look out for may be:

  • you can’t get intimate with your partner, or you're not happy with your sex life;
  • you no longer enjoy spending quality time with your partner;
  • you realise that arguments about the same few issues resurface over and over again;
  • you are often negative towards each other;
  • you realise that you/your partner are keeping secrets from one another;
  • you feel uncomfortable communicating with your partner about problems in your relationship;
  • you feel indifferent to problems in your relationship;
  • you dread going home to face your partner;
  • you realise that there are elements of emotional and/or physical abuse in your relationship; and
  • you feel lonely even when you’re around your partner.

What can I do if my partner does not want to go for couples counselling?

Some things that you can consider doing are:

  • letting your partner know why you’re considering counselling to improve your relationship, and how you envision it will benefit you both;
  • asking your partner what aspect of relationship counselling makes them feel uncomfortable, and trying to address their doubts; and
  • ask them if there is anything you can do to make them feel less uncomfortable about trying therapy. You can discuss starting with one trial session before committing to it for the long-term.

If you have tried these suggestions and your partner is still uncomfortable, you can try individual counselling first to discuss any issues relating to your relationship with a suitable therapist.

Consider sharing your counselling journey with your partner as, it might help them feel more open to attending sessions with you. Observing a positive change in you may encourage your partner to try couples counselling.

Our relationship therapists in Singapore

Professional Counsellor

Karen provides marriage counselling, as well as marriage preparation to help couples build strong relationships.  

Professional Counsellor

Alice has significant experience in relationship counselling & works with couples on wide-ranging issues.  

Professional Counsellor

Lira provides couples counselling to local and expatriate couples, and also provides counselling to LGBTQ couples.

Professional Counsellor

Edmund is an experienced counsellor who is able to assist with a wide range of issues. He also works with LGBTQ couples.

Professional Counsellor

Alyssa often works with young adults (professionals, students) and provides couples counselling. She also works with LGBTQ couples.