Family Counselling

Who is family counselling for?

Family counselling can help families who are going through a tough time, a major life transition or coping with behavioural or mental health problems in family members. Some issues such as financial struggles, grief and even daily stressors could strain the relationship between family members. Family therapy not only addresses ongoing conflicts but also helps family members develop and maintain a healthy, functional family.

As conflicts arise, family members may find it hard to communicate honestly without hurting each other’s feelings. Our Singapore family counsellors creates a comfortable space for open communication to reduce unspoken resentment. This will help your family understand each other’s perspectives. Understanding each other is crucial in creating a treatment plan where all family members can work together to address family conflicts.

Depending on your goals, family counselling allows you to:

  • identify conflicts and develop methods to address them;
  • understand each family member’s perspectives;
  • highlight problematic relational or behavioural patterns;
  • create a treatment plan to improve communication to solve problems;
  • build skills to get through family conflicts in a healthier manner (eg conflict resolution, negotiating responsibilities);
  • replace dysfunctional behaviours with healthier alternatives; and
  • instil trust and honesty between family members.

Is this happening to you?

Family therapy is recommended for those who find that they are/have:

  • part of a blended family;
  • a disconnected family;
  • a family member that is experiencing substance abuse;
  • feeling alone in their family;
  • experiencing financial problems;
  • increased conflicts between family members or siblings;
  • dealing with problems in school or work;
  • caring for family members with special needs;
  • trying to cope with the loss or illness of a family member;
  • dealing with infidelity, separation or divorce; and
  • arguing about shared custody of children.

What do I do if my family members do not want to go for family counselling?

Some things that you can consider doing are:

  • letting your family members know why you are considering family therapy and how you envision it will benefit your family;
  • finding out why your family members do not want to go for family counselling;
  • asking your family members what aspect of family counselling makes them feel uncomfortable, and trying to address their doubts; and
  • asking them if there is anything you can do to make them feel less uncomfortable about trying family therapy. You can discuss starting with one trial session before committing to it for the long-term.

If you have tried these suggestions and your family members are still uncomfortable, you can try individual counselling first to work on any personal issues with a Singapore family therapist on our platform who is best suited to meet your needs.  

Consider sharing your counselling journey with your family members as, it might help them feel more open to attending sessions with you. Observing a positive change in you and the relationship you have with your family members may encourage them to try family counselling with a Singapore family therapist.

Our family therapists in Singapore

Professional Counsellor

Karen provides marriage counselling, as well as marriage preparation to help couples build strong relationships.  

Professional Counsellor

Alice has significant experience in relationship counselling & works with couples on wide-ranging issues.  

Professional Counsellor

Edmund is an experienced counsellor who is able to assist with a wide range of issues. He also works with LGBTQ couples.