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From time to time, all of us experience stress or anxiety from major life changes, complicated relationships or career setbacks.

Seek quality counselling online – at a time that’s convenient, from a place that’s accessible, and at a cost more affordable to you.

Talk Your Heart Out… we are here to listen.

online counselling singapore

How It Works

Access online counselling anytime, including after work hours and on weekends

Affordable Counselling Singapore
online counselling singapore

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Filter TYHO Therapists based on your preferences. Read their profiles, watch their videos, and select one who best suits your needs.

Affordable Counselling Singapore
online counselling singapore

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View the availability of your preferred Therapist (ie psychologist or professional counsellor).

Affordable Counselling Singapore
Affordable Counselling Singapore

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Make an appointment with your selected Therapist. Talk to them in-person or via a video / audio call, whichever you prefer.

Affordable Therapy Singapore

Benefits of Online Therapy

TYHO’s in-person and online counselling services are private, affordable and of high quality. We offer the following benefits: 

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Quality Online Counselling in Singapore

Finding the right Therapist. We understand that finding a good Therapist (ie professional counsellor or psychologist) can be a daunting process, especially since Singapore has no specific regulatory regime governing mental health professionals. We often discuss greatly personal details with our Therapist as we seek to dissect, unravel and analyse life’s challenges and deal with them head on. As such, at TYHO, we aim to ensure that you can count on us to find exceptional mental health professionals for you.

What to expect at TYHO. All our Therapists are Singapore based or Singaporean. They not only have the right qualifications (min. Master’s degree) and professional training, but are also aligned with TYHO values. These include being empathetic, non-judgmental and sensitive to diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Each of them is deeply committed to providing their clients with effective therapy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Further information can be found on our FAQs page. 

There are countless types of therapy. The term “therapist” is widely-used, and hence, people often wonder what is meant by occupational therapy, speech therapy, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. The list goes on.

Mental health therapy is also generally known as counselling or psychotherapy. In the context of emotional difficulties, therapy is a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space. Individuals may share their struggles and work towards a goal with a trained professional. 

When looking for a therapist, you might find the terms “therapist”, “counsellor”, and “psychotherapist” used interchangeably. What is most important is trust. Look for a therapist you can trust. This is because the relationship you have with your therapist will be a key factor affecting the outcome of therapy.

Online counselling is the provision of counselling services by a qualified therapist (counsellor or psychologist) through online mediums (eg audio, video conferencing or text-based live chats). It allows for greater convenience, accessibility, and flexibility for both clients and therapists as they save on travel time. All you need is a stable internet connection, and a personal computer or mobile device!

Our Therapists include professional counsellors and psychologists. Professional counsellors are highly skilled in applying integrative therapies to assist people in working through their personal and emotional issues. Psychologists use evidence-based strategies to diagnose and manage more serious mental health illnesses and disorders non-medicinally over the long-term.

In most situations, which type of professional you consult is not critically important. This is because there is considerable overlap among them with respect to the training they have received, types of problems they help with, and the approaches they use. All are competent to recognise and help with the more common mental health issues, whether it is mild to moderate forms of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or addictions.

Psychologists and professional counsellors (collectively called Therapists on our platform) are all trained in providing talk therapy that would help a client improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Psychiatrist: Diagnoses mental health conditions and can prescribe medication.

Clinical Psychologist: Diagnoses mental health conditions, and manages more serious mental health disorders non-medicinally in the long-term.

Psychotherapist: Focuses on your thought processes and helps you identify the root causes of your issues using specific therapeutic modalities and approaches.

Professional Counsellor: Employs an eclectic approach and draws from several integrative therapies to help people work through personal and emotional issues.

Social Worker: Works with and advocates for individuals and families, and liaises with various parties in the community on behalf of client.

The cost of counselling in Singapore can vary significantly, depending on where you go (public sector organisation or private practice) and the type of mental health professional you choose to see (ie psychologists, professional counsellor or social worker). It can also depend on the mode of counselling, whether it is in-person, or done via audio, video, or text-based live chat. Typically, a counselling session in Singapore can cost anywhere between S$50-300 per hour. 

Please click here to find out more about our pricing at Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO). 

While the issues people seek support for are varied, if you have been feeling persistently low, losing interest in your usual activities, or finding it difficult to maintain relationships with your loved ones, it may be sensible to set time aside for counselling also known as therapy.

Often, we put off going for counselling as we feel like our issues are not “serious enough”, or are unsure of what to say to a therapist. 

Find out more about signs that you may need counselling and the issues you can seek help for here.

TYHO offers not only online therapy, but also in-person counselling services – however, these are only provided in Singapore at present. 

Our Therapists who provide in-person sessions are as follows – please click on their names to view their full profiles:

Sign up to view the availability of our Therapists and book your first session. See the pricing section for our fees, and the FAQs for further information.

If you have other questions or would like assistance in selecting a Therapist, feel free to WhatsApp us at +65 9831 0005, or call us on +65 6502 2840.

Each session is an hour long. This applies to all our sessions, be it the individual, couples or introductory session.

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