Hypnotherapy in Malaysia: What It Is & How It Can Help

Hypnotherapy in Malaysia: What It Is & How It Can Help

Hypnotherapy in Malaysia

You may have encountered the concept of hypnotherapy somewhere: a magician in a movie hypnotising someone with a pendulum, a friend enacting hypnotism for a script, or maybe even in a book where a character is hypnotised into oblivion.  

But is that what hypnotherapy is? No. Not at all. 

Hypnotherapy in Malaysia is performed by a qualified and licensed Malaysian Therapist, especially one trained in using hypnosis in therapy.  

Hypnosis is conducted in a safe environment to create significant and complete changes in your thinking patterns. Therapists may also use the term ‘self-improvement behavioural modification’ for hypnotherapy.  

A safe environment means a therapeutic space where the Therapist has control of the session and will not use this method to manipulate or control the client.  

The key factor of hypnosis is to bring a positive change to the client’s life.  

Read about hypnotherapy, what happens during hypnotherapy, and what types of issues it can help with.  

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. Hypnotherapy is an approach that uses hypnosis to eliminate and manage symptoms of mental health conditions.  

A Therapist may use tools like STOP! Technique to induce a hypnotic state that may help the client detach from external influences and look inwards towards their authentic feelings.  

The ‘STOP! Technique‘ is used by a Therapist to block unwanted thoughts and replace them with productive and helpful ones.  

Hypnotherapy is used specifically as part of a therapeutic plan for phobias and anxiety disorders.  

The altered state (ie hypnotic state) is intentionally created to induce pleasant relaxation so that pre-planned positive thoughts/ideas can be directly suggested to the area of the mind known as the subconscious.  

Clinical hypnotherapy aims to re-control what a person has lost and to identify what is contributing to a specific problem.  

Ongoing research has shown that positive changes made directly to the subconscious mind are more likely to become a permanent pattern. 

Through clinical hypnosis, you may create a better connection between your conscious intentions (eg to engage actively in social gatherings) and subconscious motivations (eg desire for safety, love, and belonging).  

What Hypnotherapy in Malaysia Can Help With

Hypnotherapy in Malaysia can help people in different ways. Research suggests that some potential benefits include:  

  • Symptoms of anxiety or panic 
  • ADHD 
  • Post-traumatic stress 
  • Chronic pain conditions 
  • Pain during childbirth or surgery  
  • Skin conditions 

Moreover, clinical hypnosis is also used to address issues such as: 

  • Disordered eating 
  • Unhelpful or negative body image (especially thoughts influenced by societal beauty standards) 
  • Sleep issues  
  • Substance (eg alcohol) or non-substance (eg gambling) addictions  

The conscious mind controls about 12% of our overall wellness, whereas the subconscious mind controls nearly 88%. 

Therapists in Malaysia will work with the 88% that may not necessarily be under your control. However, during clinical hypnosis, you may learn how to rewire the code of your mental programming to reflect the positive changes you would like in your life.  

Therapist and client during hypnotherapy in Malaysia

What Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?

During the first 3 sessions, your Therapist may collect information about your medical history, family history, personal background, past and current relationships, and issues you wish to address. 

The Therapist may discuss the therapeutic plan and the structure of therapy sessions, including: 

  • Hypnosis and its techniques 
  • Expectations during and after hypnotherapy 
  • Therapy goals and a personal plan to track and maintain progress 

All therapy sessions at Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) last one hour. During this time, your Therapist may educate you about self-hypnosis techniques you can try outside sessions and provide recordings to practice at home.  

Remember that although you may be in a trance state, the choices you make and the direction of the therapy are pre-determined by you.  

Every session may be unique based on your progress. You will also be in regular touch with your professional and can request changes or adjustments to the therapeutic techniques if you are uncomfortable. 

Benefits of Hypnosis During Therapy

Hypnotherapy in Malaysia can make different people feel completely different things.  

For example, some may experience drastic results, while others may feel more relaxed and in tune with their life.  

Some of the common benefits of hypnosis during therapy include: 

  • Awareness: Most people are unaware of what goes on beyond their conscious mind. However, during therapy, a person may slowly and steadily become aware of their thought process and may become self-reliant to change their negative thought patterns.  
  • Focus: Regular hypnotherapy sessions may help you slow down and pay attention to small things you may not have noticed before. The focus and control you gain over how and where you spend your attention can help you overcome problems long after therapy ends.  
  • Mindfulness: When you enter a hypnotic state, you are deeply relaxed. Your mind is quiet and does not overwhelm you with one thought after another. As you learn more self-hypnosis techniques, you feel calmer and more capable of facing your fears.  

Malaysian Therapists may use calming messages, such as “You are here” and “You are safe”, to reassure you.  

Rest assured that a qualified clinician can help you objectively face your problems and avoid panicked reactions or detachment from reality during hypnotherapy.  

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