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Mental health challenges can have a significant impact on employees, affecting their performance, productivity, and overall wellbeing. Some of the ways EAP can help employees include:

Increased wellbeing & reduced healthcare costs

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Receiving support for a range of personal (eg grief, family conflict) & professional issues (eg work stress), results in increased mental wellbeing and reduced healthcare costs.

Increased engagement, job satisfaction & morale

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As employees are able to cope with their health and meet the demands of their job better, their job satisfaction and morale increases.

Improved work performance & productivity

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Mental health support can improve employees' ability to focus, retain information, and work effectively, leading to increased work performance and productivity.

Improved work relationships and team bonding

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Improved team dynamics help with a happier and healthier workplace environment, with less conflict and increased team productivity.

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EAP: Provide your staff with comprehensive & personalised mental health support

The TYHO Experience

TYHO is an end-to-end therapy platform that makes it easy to access quality mental health support

Private & Confidential

Highly Qualified Therapists

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Webinars & Workshops

We deliver webinars & facilitate small group discussions on a range of topics, including the below, tailored to your needs. Popular topics are in bold.

Mental health and well-being

Personal development

Professional development

Get Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to our individual services, we have designed two EAP packages depending on your needs. The aim is to provide you with better value and more consistent support.

What is it?


Employer subsidised counselling only


Package of various TYHO services


Comprehensive support

Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program In Singapore

Your employees are an important part of the organisation – they are the foundation. What your employees do can significantly affect your organisation in many ways. 

Hence, employee EAP can help workers struggling with personal issues such as anxiety, anger management, and sleep problems to increase their wellness at work. 

In fact, Singapore has one of the highest employment rates in both Asia and Globally. Research shows that in 2017, nearly 80.7% of people aged 25 to 64 were employed. 

Employee health and wellness in the workplace, hence, becomes an essential factor to consider.

Before you book an employee assistance program in Singapore with us, you might want to know its benefits for both your employees and your business. 

EAP increases employee productivity

The Singapore mental health survey showed that around 1 in 8 Singaporeans have a mental health disorder. 

Moreover, in 2016, nearly 52% of Singaporean workers complained that their stress levels had increased in the last six months. In the same survey, the workers also noted that long working hours resulted in burnout. 

Employees who struggle with personal issues such as chronic stress become less interested and have less energy to work efficiently. Due to the stress, they may also take more sick leaves – which can affect morale and productivity at work. 

However, similar statistics on workplace employee wellness showed that the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) increases productivity. According to the research, EAP reduces sick leaves by 33%, lost time by 40%, and work-related stress by 65%.

EAP increases employee memory and retention

A positive work environment that supports staff wellness (both physical and mental wellbeing) can increase employee retention rates. 

At TYHO, we provide an employee assistance program in Singapore to help your employees with improving self-care habits, verbal communication, conflict management, and assertiveness at work. 

The core skills, in turn, can help employees resolve interpersonal conflicts and personal problems and be more involved in their work. 

When employees have the space to concentrate and think practically, they engage better with tasks and manage their time more effectively. 

EAP increases employee morale

Employee morale includes employees’ attitude, mindset, satisfaction, and confidence they have at their workplace. 

Organisation that maintain a positive environment and openly show care and concern for their employees have workers with higher morale. 

While you can’t directly talk to every single employee, you can provide services such as EAP to show them that you care about their mental health. 

When employees feel like they are cared for, it increases their job satisfaction, intrinsic motivation, and creativity. 

EAP helps save money

The total cost of lost productivity in Singapore due to depression and severe anxiety is around S$ 15.7b annually, according to a joint report from Anon and TELUS Health. 

The same report also noted that business costs are rising due to a failure to address employee’s wellness and mental health.

Similarly, around 32% of Singaporean workers also reported that they find it difficult to concentrate on their work. 

The multiple workplace wellness data and statistics in Singapore in recent years prove that if you are not already addressing your employee’s mental health at work, it may cost your organisation a lot of money.

Hence, investing in EAP can help you cut down on healthcare costs and medical insurance usage and save a lot of time. 

At TYHO, we offer three different packages for EAP Singapore. Our EAP program includes a crisis hotline, annual wellbeing assessment, critical incident stress debriefs (CISD), workshops on wellbeing and finance, and so much more. 

Book a session with us and find out how our employee assistance program works through an EAP demo! 

counselling in Singapore
counselling in Singapore

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FAQs on TYHO's Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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What is an Employee Assistance Programme?

An Employee Assistance Programme in Singapore generally comprises confidential counselling sessions for employees as part of their employee benefits. Often it also includes webinars, workshops and training for employees on mental health and personal and professional development.

EAP is subsidised by organisations to improve productivity and mental wellbeing of their employees. It provides them with support to cope with both personal and work-related challenges. 

Which countries does TYHO's EAP services cover?

We provide employee assistance program in Singapore to our clients across the world. The employees of your organisation can access our online counselling services from anywhere. We currently only provide in-person counselling in Singapore.

Our Therapists come from varied backgrounds, have significant experience living and working in different countries (across Europe, the USA, India, Australia and parts of South East Asia), and regularly see clients from across the globe.

Is EAP confidential?

We do not share any information that allows identification of individuals seeking help via EAP, including their name, position in their organisation etc. 

Consistent with professional and ethical obligations of Therapists, any information shared by the employee during counselling sessions is kept strictly confidential  between the Therapist and the employee (subject to legal requirements eg harm to others). 

How much do EAP services cost?

Employee assistance program in Singapore are subsidised by the employers and are provided at low or no cost to the employees.

At TYHO, EAP services are up to 50% cheaper than other EAP providers for employers – See our packages below and book a demo to find out more!

What types of issues can EAP help with?

At TYHO, we help with issues associated with the workplace, such as:

  • Lack of motivation at work
  • Workplace harassment or bullying
  • Financial or legal issues
  • Lack of effective communication, including interpersonal conflict
  • Handling work pressure and stress
  • Time management and performance issues
  • Work-related burnout
  • Lack of productivity

Additionally, we also provide confidential counselling services for issues such as:

  • Relationship challenges, including divorce and couples counselling
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Grief, bereavement, and loss
  • Family trauma or abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Digital or substance addictions, including alcoholism
  • Sleep issues or disorders
Why is an employee assistance program important?

Stress and pressure in the workplace are constantly increasing, and employees are not always reaching out for professional help. 

A range of personal and professional issues, such as co-worker conflicts, heavy workloads, and stress about job safety, can decrease employee productivity at work.

As an organisation, you can manage larger factors such as work-life balance and providing job security, but you may be unable to know or help with your employee’s mental health issues and personal problems. Moreover, it might be hard to tell if a personal problem affects their job performance. 

The EAP assistance program at TYHO is designed to help your employees manage their problems outside and at work. 

Employee assistance program in Singapore is designed in such a way that when an employee notices a problem, they can immediately reach out to our EAP counsellors before the problem worsens or affects their work. 

As a result, your employee can get the help they need, gain access to mental health resources, and solve their problem before it negatively impacts their personal or professional life. 

Similarly, our EAP services can also be used to manage ongoing issues that are affecting an employee’s work productivity. 

For example, people with chronic generalised anxiety disorder may find it hard to function  in their workplace, may struggle with setting boundaries, and managing conflicts. 

Seeking counselling through your company’s EAP program will allow the person to manage their anxiety at work and even in their personal lives. 

Should I take up my workplace's employee assistance program (EAP)?

If you experience the below signs, you might benefit from EAP services in Singapore:

  • You feel overwhelmed: Job demands, deadlines, or the nature or volume of work makes it hard for you to set work-life boundaries. 
  • You feel disinterested: Working makes you feel like you are out of control, do not have autonomy in your role, and lack interest or motivation to give your best. 
  • You feel anxious: Talking to your peers or co-workers makes you feel uneasy. Lack of support and bullying at work reduces your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • You feel uncompensated: You do not receive adequate recognition or required monetary compensation for your work. Lack of appreciation, in turn, makes you feel incapable or unworthy.
  • You suffer from a mental health disorder: Issues such as chronic depression, anxiety, and mood disorders may affect the overall quality of your life. Ignoring mental health issues might make it hard for you to handle even daily and regular tasks such as cooking, bathing, and eating food. 
  • You feel lonely: If you feel lonely constantly, it may affect your sleep routines and confidence. Loneliness might also make you feel unloved.
  • You have problems with eating: If you constantly skip meals or overeat, you may become fatigued, exhausted, and frustrated with your life. Your relationship with food plays an important role in your overall wellness. 

Additionally, you might experience other issues such as parental or caregiver stress, health anxiety, and significant life transitions such as relocation – which might also affect your work performance. 

Please know that you are not alone in this journey. Reach out to your organisation’s employee assistance program in Singapore to receive professional support. 

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