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We work with organisations big and small to provide counselling services as part of their Employee Assistance Programme or EAP.

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Make a Positive Impact on Your Employees' Lives

Mental health challenges can have a significant impact on employees, affecting their performance, productivity, and overall well-being. Some of the ways mental health support can help employees include:

Increased wellbeing & reduced healthcare costs

Receiving support for a range of personal (eg grief, family conflict) & professional issues (eg work stress), results in increased mental wellbeing and reduced healthcare costs.

Increased engagement, job satisfaction & morale

As employees are able to cope with their health and meet the demands of their job better, their job satisfaction and morale increases.

Improved work performance & productivity

Mental health support can improve employees' ability to focus, retain information, and work effectively, leading to increased work performance and productivity.

Improved work relationships and team bonding

Improved team dynamics help with a happier and healthier workplace environment, with less conflict and increased team productivity.

Provide your staff with end to end personalised mental health support

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We deliver webinars & facilitate small group discussions on a range of topics, including the below, tailored to your needs. Popular topics are in bold.

Mental health and well-being

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FAQs on TYHO's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) generally comprises voluntary, confidential counselling sessions for employees as part of their employee benefits. Often it also includes webinars, workshops and training for employees on mental health and personal and professional development.

EAP is subsidised by corporates and other organisations to improve productivity and mental well-being of their employees by providing them with support to cope with both personal and work-related challenges. 

We provide EAP services to offices across the world. The employees of your organisation can access our online counselling services from anywhere. We currently only provide in-person counselling in Singapore.

Our Therapists come from varied backgrounds, have significant experience living and working in different countries (across Europe, the USA, India, Australia and parts of South East Asia), and regularly see clients from across the globe.

We do not share any information that allows identification of individuals seeking help via EAP, including their name, position in their organisation etc. 

Consistent with professional and ethical obligations of Therapists, any information shared by the employee during counselling sessions is kept strictly confidential  between the Therapist and the employee (subject to legal requirements eg harm to others). 

EAP services are subsidised by the employers and are provided at low or no cost to the employees.

At TYHO, EAP services are up to 50% cheaper than other EAP providers for employers – You only pay for sessions purchased for your employees with no additional subscription costs or retainer fees. 

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