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February 2024 Testimonials

Fion was warm and geninue throughout our session. I felt at ease at her presence and to my surprise, was able to open up to her despite it being my first counselling session. She also respected my pace and we uncovered several interesting insights together. It was both a cathartic and empowering session.
She is very empathetic; an angel! I could express myself freely with her without feeling judged. I felt seen and heard, I also learned some things about myself.
I chose my therapist because of her warm demeanor and sense of comfort I felt. Her practical techniques and empathetic approach have helped me understand my thoughts and behaviors better, leading to positive changes. I appreciate that I feel heard and supported in our sessions. Overall, she’s a great fit for me, and I’m grateful for the progress we’ve made so far.
Within the first 5 mins, I knew she was a great fit for me. I was very overwhelmed with emotions at the start and Aparna held space for my feelings while helping me regain my composure. Throughout the session, she continued to acknowledge and validate my feelings, while gently and kindly helping me see alternative perspectives. By the end of the session, I had so much clarity, had a plan to move forward, and most importantly, a sense of peace with all the turmoil I was going through.
Lilian’s experience in the field coupled with her introduction video was the deciding factor in me choosing her. She helped me feel comfortable and provided a safe space for me to talk to her and help her get to know me better and understand what I am going through. Her approach along with the things she brought me through aligns with the way I would like to approach my journey towards having a better mental health.
Thank you for being gentle with my thoughts and for gently sussing out the reasons for my emotional reactions
Rin is so patient and understanding. The world needs more people like her! After all, in a world with so much hurt, it’d be nice to have more understanding people.
Glenn is a very patient and one of the best relationship therapists out there. There were twice or thrice we asked for permission if we can interrupt Glenn but she has always allowed us to speak and still be able to keep her train of thought after we have finished speaking. Interrupting her is not an issue, she is very kind and patient and most importantly she is very professional.
Chatting with Crystal made me feel incredibly relaxed. She helped me become aware of many issues within my intimate relationships that I hadn’t recognized before. She assisted me in analyzing the underlying causes rather than simply providing answers, encouraging me to think for myself and communicate more openly. I’ll definitely reach out to her whenever I encounter issues in the future! 和Crystal聊天让我感到非常放松,她帮助我意识到了很多在亲密关系中我自己没有意识到的问题,帮助我剖析深层的背后的原因,不是一味地告诉我答案而是鼓励我多进行自己的思考、多进行沟通,现在我明确了需要做什么,受益匪浅。
Nandini is conscientious and caring
Josephine is so encouraging and empathetic! she makes me feel comforted and heard 🙂

Past Testimonials

I selected Glenn simply based of her introduction video, she seemed warm and articulate. I find her a really good fit because she makes me feel seen and heard, she asks questions that help guide my train of thought in an organised way and make me reflect deeply. It makes it easy to get to the crux of certain issues. But she also keeps an objective view on things, and thoroughly explains thought-patterns, behaviours, etc. I’m find our sessions incredibly helpful.
When i view his video the first time, I realise there is a sense of understanding from him towards people like me, who have an understanding towards people who realise we are not feeling so ok with our emotion and taking the first step out to approach help. for my first session i told him almost everything that happen thru out my life. and for at least i felt much better.
I already had 3 sessions with Ilyas and i am happy and satisfied with all 3 sessions. I felt easy it was easy to communicate with Ilyas although through online and importantly i felt that i am in a safe environment
When i was given profile to select Therapist, i chosed İlyas and turned out to be a good choice! I am very happy that my first session with Ilyas , the way it was conducted was easy to follow and i could find comfort and manage to be open about my emotions and how Ilyas managed to made me remember to be kind to myself and how resilience is was . Look forward to speak to Ilyas again .
I saw Evonne’s video on the website and decided to try one therapy session with her. She was very sincere and understanding during the session and she pointed out certain things that gave me a new perspective on how I look at a particular event. She provided me with a very safe space to share previous experiences and explored the thought process behind them.
Fion was understanding and validating of my experiences immediately in the first session. I felt that I could share my troubles with her when we started talking. Fion always created a safe space for me to reflect and I’m really glad that I made the choice to talk to her!
Leslie was a great listener, was very patient and thoughtful. Gave me some great tips and advice. Glad to have her as my therapist.
I felt an instant magnetic vibration pulling me to hire her as my therapist after watching her introductory video. I believe she is an emotionally intelligent person and a reliable person as a therapist.
Josephine seems experienced and I hope she can help me with my issues, and true enough she helped me to identify some underlying issues which caused my condition
Felt Taya would be helpful with her experience and indeed she was! She was very welcoming and explained to me things in a way I understood
JT can lead me to think in different way to solve my matter, he is very patience and good in understanding what’s on my mind
Sandya is so warm and welcoming. I am so grateful that I instantly felt safe and we just sort of clicked. It’s not often that you vibe well with a therapist on tthe first meet but that was exactly the case for me. I am so glad I found her and I look forward to more sessions with Sandya☺️
I just dont know actually. When i had to choose my therapist, i just feel she is the one who i am comfortable to share with. I just feel like she has a bright and cheerful personality which made me comfortable. She has a great ability to listen to me (especially i find its hard for me to describe my feeling) and help me to elaborate more. I feel like she is genuinely interested in helping me. She could understand my feelings and emotions which i never knew that maybe no one does. She provides me with the guidance I need to move forward. I feel that I have made a great decision in choosing her as my therapist.
Rin was professional and she does spend the time listening and help solving the problem. Very helpful!
Aparna is able to put my thoughts into perspective and reframe them. She gives good strategies and frequently checks in on me too. She makes me feel heard and never fails to make me feel better.
I found out Danial is the same age as me, and that he is also a male having lived here in Singapore, so in a way, he’s more likely to relate with my problems, or rather understand and empathise better. Having a conversation with him turned out to be comfortable and casual, and he asks great leading questions that his clients need to think over.
Danial gave me enough space to contemplate and figure out the different sides of my mind and my life.
The video introduction is an important element. It gave me a sense of Lilian’s values and style in approaching her sessions. It turned out true that her approach suited my personality. It felt like she listened intently. She could always summarise my convoluted thoughts. I also appreciated that she checked if she had perceived my feelings and actions correctly before moving along. She helped me see my needs more clearly. That aided my efforts to find balance – One of the values I felt important in my life.
I tried this platform for the first time and I think it was the best decision. Rashmi came across as a very understanding ,trustworthy and compassionate person. She not only understood my viewpoint and gave positive advice but also helped me to analyse my thoughts in a positive manner.
She was very warm and made me felt at ease immediately. She helped me deal with trauma from anxiety at a toxic work environment. She was insightful and observant which greatly help heals my intra-psyche. She listened as I shared my story. She accurately helped me to project different memories and parts of myself through the sandplay. I was facing many mental hindrances and with her help, we were able to correct certain wrong beliefs. One of it was the fear of failure, and she helped me to understand that even if I failed trying something, I could always just pick myself up and try again – it does not necessarily mean that I would not be a success doing it.
The session was very insightful and comfortable. The personable approach allowed me to share more in detail. Hannah is whom I will definitely go to as I would need somewhere to process emotions and someone to talk to.
She was very friendly, helpful, attentive and grasp the issue between us quickly. Am thankful that we made the right choice to have her as our couple therapist
I found her to be very kind and assuring when I spoke with her, it seems like she is a good fit for me and I am keen to proceed with a treatment plan.
I selected Aparna as I find that her profile suited my needs. She was very attentive and recommended simple techniques. I am looking forward to the next session with her.
I selected Fion because of her listed specialties, her LGBTQ-affirmative stand, and her personal profile as a mother as these are specific to the topics I want to discuss and need help with. I appreciate very much how Fion is observant of the smallest non-verbal cues and is a skilled and highly empathetic listener. She understood very early on what my needs are, and provided support within our session. She is gentle in her approach and allowed me to take the lead, while providing much needed guidance on the issues I brought up.
Caroline is a very professional, warm and trustworthy therapist. She was a great listener, never being impatient or push me off even my session was exceeded. I felt much relieved when I stepped out of the session. Much appreciated to Caroline.
I was in dark place and could not continue with my daily life before I decided to try counselling. Despite being my first time and not knowing what to expect, Caroline made me feel at ease and that I could share everything with her. She listens keenly and is extremely generous with her time. It has only been a handful of sessions but I look forward to continue my journey through this time of my life with her.
Sandya has been very compassionate and empathetic in listening. I feel very safe and comfortable opening up to her. I appreciate her words of encouragement.
I really enjoyed having a session with Aparna. When I first came, I was completely a mess, but Aparna was able to open me up and make me understand a new perspective, so I can start learning about myself
Rebecca helped me feel seen and understood. I hold a lot of love for her and the acceptance I felt in her presence.
Rebecca’s ability to empathise and her skills in her work is astounding. I hope she continues to practice this for the long term to help others who are going through their own challenges.
Rebecca has helped me sort out my emotions and deal with my trauma better. I find it easy to open up to her.
From the session with Izzat, I learn not to think too critically of myself, and that nobody really cares about the things that I may find embarrassing about myself. My therapist gave me tips that are useful for me and listened to me without any judgement.
Keen Ji is a great listener and made me feel safe to talk about anything. He also helps me learn about my feelings and thoughts in a very simple manner
Rebecca is a lovely mental health professional. She’s truly helped me over some large hurdles I was facing. Her compassionate rationalization of my emotions has guided me towards understanding my beliefs and actions better.
Having Rebecca as my counsellor for 9 months has helped me learn to cope with my stress, come to terms with my chronic health conditions, and prioritize taking care of myself. I came into counselling with Rebecca with pretty low self-esteem, and she has guided me through various areas of my life, including friendships, relationships, family, career, and mental health (which has also positively impacted my physical health). Rebecca is an incredibly empathetic and kind therapist who always knows the right things to say, and this was while she was still just a student/intern at the time! I can only imagine how much more effective she would be with her future clients.
Abigail was always very patient, listened well, and made me feel heard and understood. At the same time, she gently challenged my assumptions and helped guide me to change my way of thinking, towards something more healing and positive. All the lessons she taught me, I still carry with me and use even though we haven’t had sessions recently. I really appreciate all her help and support!
Rebecca is a really good listener. Something about her made me share everything to her and eventually I found it extremely helpful after all our sessions together.
JT has helped me become more aware of my negative feedback loops and has given wonderful advice on how to change them for the better
Rebecca genuinely cared, listened without judgment, and helped me so much in my journey to healing. We had such a great bond, and I felt so trusting of her.
It’s been a great mental health journey with Keen Ji, and the improvements were really amazing, mostly thanks to his guidance!
Rin understands me well and she is patient with me. Her guidance and tips to overcome my ADHD symptoms are very helpful. I would recommend her to others with ADHD.
I’m glad to have Keen Ji as my first therapist because he was really warm and gentle, while also holding me accountable for my actions when need be. I always looked forward to our sessions because I always learnt something from them.
I could finally make sense of how my family trauma affected me thanks to Keen Ji’s help! It really helped brought me the closure that I’ve always wanted.
He helped me through multiple phases of my life in one year. I can guarantee that where I was when I first started my counselling with JT I was completely lost and where I am right now is completely different.
Mr. JT provided me insights about myself that I have never realized before which helped me to understand more about myself.
JT has helped me with new coping strategies after abuse. In doing so, he has also provided gentle guidance into new discoveries/realisations about myself, constructive judgement during therapy, and patience during emotional outbursts
Mr. Yap’s non-judgmental counselling sessions and extreme patience helped me with going through a hard time. I myself have gone through anxiety and depression (diagnosed by a physiatrist), and Mr. Yap’s counselling sessions help me grow out of that hard phase of my life. Not to mention, Mr. Yap also helped me with my personal development as a better human being, improving my communication, confidence and ultimately my relationships with the people around me. Overall, I can say without a doubt that I am a better person than I was before I met up with Mr. Yap.
I’m really bad at opening up but Abigail helped me to talk about my feelings and face them. She also provided simple strategies for me to cope and heal on my own.
Rin is easy to talk to, and I feel at ease to confide in her. My previous therapists were too rigid because I tend to change a lot in my decisions and actions, but Rin is flexible and willing to work with me through my issues. I am now better at managing myself and I can talk down my emotions when I am feeling too much.
I really like her psychotherapy services, she helped me understand and organize my concerns and thoughts as well as ways to move forward. She also tried the psychodynamic route and that allowed me to understand the origin of my current situation. She did her job well.
It has always been great sessions with Rin Sua. I appreciate how she puts efforts to provide me the best solution. And how she makes me comfortable to discuss about my issues.
The sessions with Rin really helped me in my social life, helping me feel secure in making new friends and to feel secure in myself. She taught me a lot about communication, including how to communicate effectively when I am feeling emotional. She really helped me, especially with my friendships and how I see myself.
Would definitely recommend Rin’s service! My sessions with her has been overall progressive and inclusive. She’s well equipped with her psychological assessments and she has provided me great insight on my own life!
Throughout the sessions, I learnt how to be assertive and learning that it is not a bad thing. Izzat was very warm and welcoming. She was friendly as well.
There are lots of it, foremost, the list of tool box that has been introduced to me cause I just realised if I list down the activities in the tool box, I can easily choose the activity that will suit my bad situation to overcome things especially the negative thoughts or any situation that triggered me. Izzat has a bright personality and make me comfortable to tell her anything. And the way she explained things to me, it has been so helpful. I feel like I finally found a sunshine after been going into darkness I guess. And most importantly I can feel it that she’s not someone who judge people, I’m really grateful for it.
I’ve gained so much from my session with Izzat. I learn to evaluate types of problems, control thoughts and emotions, the arts of acceptance, being rationale, appraise fears as challenges and paving path to develop my talents based on real potential. Izzat is soft spoken, not judgemental, appreciate my efforts to improve, validate my feelings and thoughts and support me to grow.
Alicia has undoubtedly improved my life – through gentle questions, she invites me to challenge my own thoughts and beliefs. I have always felt increasingly empowered after every session. Overall, my quality of life, as well as my inner mind has improved considerably and I am really grateful.
I learned skills to have my anxiety more manageable. I also learned a lot of theories on anxiety and mental illness in general. My therapist was very attentive. Very talkative which I’m very grateful for as she handles conversations very eloquently. The analogies she used are very useful.
My therapist has excellent communication, analytical and people skills as she always able to comprehend my situations/incommunicable feelings & thoughts and draw a few conclusions for me to decide on my own. She also explained and taught me useful techniques in a creative way for me to remember easily.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Edmund for relationship counselling, and I have to say that it was an incredibly positive experience. Edmund was empathetic and understanding, and he helped my partner and I resolve communication issues that had been causing a lot of tension in our relationship. What I appreciated most about him was his ability to listen carefully and provide practical advice that we could apply in our daily lives and communication exercises that helped us understand each other better. He was never judgmental or dismissive, and he always made us feel heard and valued.
As I had problems with sleeping beforehand, she managed to give me tips to overcome this. Not to forget, in regards to my other problems such as anxiety, etc. She taught me a skill which is Mindfulness that has brought me benefits on dealing with said problems. Izzat was very patient on listening to me ranting about my problems even though I would sometimes sidetracked. Furthermore, the way she encourages me in my actions to improve myself and supports me when I’m down was truly helpful. Kudos to her for being an amazing therapist during our sessions together.
I have been counselling with Desieree for some time now, and it’s always a pleasure talking to her. She is a caring, patient individual who does her best for her clients, and has really helped me in terms of my mental well-being. Thank you for your time, truly appreciate it!
My experience with Punitha has been life-changing. I felt calm, heard and assured after every session. I could trust that she knows what she’s doing (given her background and experience in areas such as CBT etc).
My therapist Beena has been instrumental in helping me deal with issues that had been bothering me for years, and she continues to support me through a difficult work situation I’m currently facing. I would really be struggling without her guidance and support.
I felt that I might be comfortable talking to her when choosing her. And yes, it turned out to be a good fit. She helped to analyze the situation I am in and offered advices. It was a pleasant session with her. I am glad that I found her and she helped me navigate my life.
Connie was very patient while trying to understand my problem. She’s giving the enlightening feedback to find the root of the problem and how to fix it.
I always enjoy consulting her, because she provides solutions and enlightenment to my problems that are like tangled threads. It feel like i found my self again
I feel that she is a good fit for me as she was patient and encouraging, in listening to what I needed to say. She was also clear in consolidating and clarifying the points of what was mentioned, which led to providing with explanations, and then suggestions of what I can do next. Thank you for the meaningful first session, I appreciate and am grateful for it.
Aparna listens attentively and provides constructive insights on the things that I mentioned during our sessions. She also regularly checks in on me and see how I’m feeling
Abigail is a patient, active listener and excellent at reframing what I have said accurately and in a constructive manner. I have found the typologies/systems she uses to help cope with grief and identify grief triggers especially useful. She is very thoughtful and clearly cares about her patients. I would recommend her to anyone.
I first decided to engage Abigail due to her focus on grief, which is the topic that I really needed help very much back then. After the first session, I feel comfortable to continue the conversation and discussion with her. I also find the discussion and tips helpful that is why I engaged her for more sessions.
She’s genuine, kind, understanding and empathetic as well when i was sharing with her the issues i was facing. She helped me see my situation in a different light. Before I had a session with her, my guilt and feelings was all over the place. However after my session with her, it did helped lighten my heart (not totally) but it did helped which was very important to me. Though it will take awhile for me to heal fully, i believe talking to her will slowly allow me fully heal my inner wounds and get me feeling motivated about life again. I really felt grateful I chose the right therapist
Fion gave me a safe space to talk about how I was feeling and what I was going through, providing a listening ear that I very much needed safely without feeling burdened. Fion also provided me some insights and tips on how to handle certain situations in the future, and I would definitely keep them in mind. After the session, I felt that a load was taken off my chest, and I was glad that I reached out.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Edmund for couples counselling, and I have to say that it was an incredibly positive experience. Edmund was incredibly empathetic and understanding, and he helped my partner and me resolve communication issues that had been causing a lot of tension in our relationship. What I appreciated most about him was his ability to listen carefully and provide practical advice that we could actually apply in our daily lives. He was never judgmental or dismissive, and he always made us feel heard and valued. Overall, I would highly recommend Edmund to anyone seeking couples counselling. He is a skilled and compassionate therapist who truly cares about his clients, and I am so grateful for the positive impact he has had on our relationship.
Thank you for being a good listener and never giving up on me. Sometimes, all I want is a person who is willing to listen without making any judgments. I really appreciate Edmund’s gesture of encouraging me to take a deep dive into a topic which often leads me to the answer. And during some sessions, I can just have a good conversation with Edmund since I don’t feel comfortable having it with my family, relatives, or friends.
Edmund is a very nice and caring counsellor. I feel really happy that I finally seek help after so many years of suffering even though it’s expensive for the therapy but it really help me a lot in my mental health and I feel so much better in life. Thank you Edmund!!
Edmund is such a great therapist. He always listened with compassion & his ways of giving feedback are excellent. I was able to talk to him comfortably and gather some fresh ideas to be implemented.
Thank you, Edmund, for the service. He was very friendly and patient. I am pretty much feeling better after knowing more about myself. Thank you
My counsellor demonstrates genuine care and provides helpful insights during our sessions. He often asks open-ended questions that allows for deeper reflection that brings clarity to the situations I am in.
I like the consistency in my sessions with Edmund as he helps me take small steps to cope with my issues.
Edmund asked me very good questions.
Edmund is patient and the advice he gave is useful.
All the interactions with Connie have really helped me a lot. Her patience to lend me a listening ear that I really need whenever I’m down. Her care and concern she showed me during all the counselling sessions, I couldn’t imagine how my life would be without those sessions. She has been a wonderful counsellor, that played a significant role in my life and I will always remember her.
It’s always a comfort to speak with Connie, and I have gleaned and learned quite a fair bit of good practical wisdom. I appreciate how she has taught me mindfulness, for I do see and have experienced some of the potential it has to help me find my center, and I would be consciously taking concrete baby steps toward making it a habit. Thank you for everything Connie.
Connie is patient and puts effort into giving me advice and tips on how to have a more open and less critical heart. I remember the first time I sought her help, as a person who is sensitive and took the image myself seriously, being less forgiving of mistakes committed by myself and others. With her help and guidance, I find that I have become more forgiving and accepting of the flaws of others, think about the feelings and well-being of others when speaking, take my image less seriously, and forgive myself for the mistakes committed. Her genuine care and concern helps to make it easier for me to speak about things hidden from others, and helps me to overcome barriers to become a better person.
I am in a better place and state right now because Connie did not give up on me even though at one point I could not be firm and kept going back to the vicious cycle. I want to say that she really made a huge impact on my life, thank you.
Connie’s advice and guidance have greatly helped me cope with whatever I was/am feeling. I always come into the sessions with messy thoughts. She somehow manages to help me in compartmentalising my thoughts/feelings while trying to understand the roots of my problems. After the sessions with her, it became a habit (good one) of mine to take a step back and give myself a break as and when I need it.
I really felt a lot better after the sessions we had together. I remember how I felt so trapped and anxious most of the time and this overwhelming sense of dread at work. Connie really helped me calm myself, and I found the techniques that she shared with me really useful. I will always be grateful for the sessions we had, and I will continue to practice mindfulness!
I wasn’t sure if the sessions would work or if I could continue in my counselling but reaching out to Connie was the best thing that I’ve done. Whenever I meditate or when I achieve the goals I have set for myself, be it school or getting through bouts of anxiety, I am reminded of how her guidance has helped me to do so. She has taught me more than anyone in my life has! She has been a kind and sweet (and calming) presence in my life!
Connie is a wonderful counsellor. She taught me valuable techniques such as keeping a monthly planner so I am aware of the time remaining for projects and tests. This method helped me stay organised and plan my time neatly. She was also encouraging me to eat healthy, exercise, and sleep well which has also contributed to my overall well-being. She has been a great source of encouragement, by reminding me that I am doing well, by God’s grace, despite my history of mental illness. Because of the counselling sessions, I had less fear in facing challenges.
Connie is perfect!
I’ve had sessions with Punitha for about 10 months now. She has helped me to navigate so many of life’s hurdles in this short time – from career anxieties to navigating my sexual orientation to managing family relations, friendships, romance and more. She is warm, compassionate and patient, never rushing me to open up about things until I feel ready. The sessions with her has been such an integral part of my journey to heal and find my authentic, vulnerable self. She puts in genuine effort to understand where I am coming from, and makes me question the perspectives that are holding me back. I also appreciate the way she guides me towards practical steps to work on my personal issues. I’m truly thankful for the safe space we have created in our sessions and for everything she has done to help me get to where I am today.
Punitha has a warm, calming presence that puts me at immediate ease to open up and share my innermost thoughts and concerns with her. Her interactive approach in sessions means that she actively listens and also attends to my prioritised needs in each session. Her non-judgemental, encouraging and compassionate responses to much of my journey has been so integral to healing, with the effects sometimes felt long after our session has ended. She gives an unhurried space to share one’s thoughts and feelings which is a much-needed experience in the stressful rush of life. I also appreciate how she remembers details and can knit together parts of our previous sessions to reflect insights.
Punitha listens to everything I say carefully and her responses to my concerns always bring new insight and perspectives. She is attentive and empathetic and does her best to relate to me and put herself in my shoes. She also helps me set goals for myself regarding my mental health and well-being and I end every session feeling hopeful because now I have something tangible to work towards.
Punitha has been beyond wonderful. I feel heard, and understood especially when questions are being asked that makes me think harder about why and how certain things are and how it relates to current or past situations/reactions. I like that questions asked were very insightful, and probing – it allows me to look deeper into certain issues I wouldn’t have thought twice to look at
Punitha is very understanding, patient and observant. I like that she encourages me to recognise my strengths, while helping me focus on possible actions I would want to do to improve my situation. Very warm and professional. I feel safe sharing my insecurities with her. I have recommended her to another friend.
Punitha is an incredibly empathetic listener who really strives to understand what I need to be mentally healthy. She goes the extra mile to come up with exercises, meditations, and other useful techniques I can use even outside of therapy to help change my mindset. She is encouraging, positive, kind, and an absolute ray of sunshine. I am so thankful for her support, she is truly wonderful!
My sessions with Punitha have been nothing short of insightful and freeing! I have made incredible progress in my mental health journey and I have her to thank for her patience, empathy, and attentiveness. I look forward to my sessions with her because I know it’s a safe space where I’m able to be vulnerable, comfortable, and heard. It’s also very convenient to schedule and view upcoming sessions via the platform.
Punitha has helped my daughter tremendously in coping with her depression. She engaged my teenage daughter very well, such that she is willing to open up to her. Punitha also kindly provided face-to-face sessions on weekends when it was needed.
Punitha makes a conscious effort to clarify what I mean instead of just assuming things. Every session, she never fails to seek feedback on how the session can be better, and as a client, I am happy to have a therapist that constantly checks in.
Punitha is attentive, caring, empathetic, and easy to communicate with. She helps me open up and sort through my issues. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues, and I’d also recommend her to anyone looking for a professional to talk to.
Great first experience having Punitha as my therapist! I enjoyed my time spent with her as she was good at listening. It felt like I had a safe environment to come through with my issues. I would recommend her services to anyone.
Punitha is really understanding and always displays a level of empathy that I find calming and reassuring. I never feel pushed to do more than I can, and I feel I can talk to her candidly about things, including my progress, challenges, and difficulties.
Joseph has been very kind and open to listening to me, even when my point of view diverges from what he suggests. He responds well to my input and it makes the sessions feel more like a dialogue between us rather than it being a didactic view of my issues. Speaking to Joseph has never been anything short of comfortable, even regarding issues which I find hard to talk about. He has been consistently kind and patient with me, listening to my points of view and input on ways to interpret situations. I appreciated the use of visual handouts and the clear use of terminology to allow me to better articulate some of the nameless ideas and thoughts I have encountered previously. I would strongly recommend him, as well as TYHO’s services in general.
Joseph is a very patient therapist; he allows me to express my thoughts, no matter how half-baked, and process the real meanings behind those thoughts together. I didn’t feel the need to hold back sharing my stories, and he is able to provide a judgement-free zone to really improve my mental health and life in general. He was able to quickly adapt to my learning style, and eased me (a total therapy newbie) into the process in just the early sessions.
Joseph is an attentive listener and is open to hearing my thoughts. He waits patiently for me to consolidate my thoughts and is someone who makes spontaneous conversations with me. He is also willing to learn new things from me and affirms me often during our sessions. He has also provided different methods that have helped me to cope and self-regulate.
Joseph’s observations and advice have helped me to express my emotions and feelings, and realise recurring patterns I developed since early childhood. I have been very comfortable sharing my problems with him and received helpful feedbacks to put into practice.
Joseph has been an excellent therapist. He got me thinking about my personal values which has made a big difference in how I see things in my life now. During sessions, he also gave lots of useful tips and advice.
Joseph is empathetic, patient, and listens to me very attentively. He is also non-judgmental and this helps me share my thoughts and feelings freely.
Joseph is a great listener. He hears what I’m saying, and identifies very quickly what my concerns and issues are. I feel understood, accepted, and encouraged to continue working on my own mental health. I also like how I’m making small concrete steps every session. I’m in good hands.
I love the fact that Joseph will share about the neuroscience of feelings and emotions. I also think that his explanation of certain events is very logical and easy to understand. I can tell he puts in a lot of effort to make it really relatable to me.
My therapist, Joseph, is very empathetic, observant, and has good listening skills. He comes from a non-judgemental POV and effectively guides me in learning more about myself. From the sessions I have with him, I feel empowered to take charge of my emotional healing, and I am also very thankful to have him as my therapist to journey through this painful season of my life.
Alexis was very helpful in diagnosing the root of my problems as being mainly to do with childhood troubles and helped to address wounds left behind in my past. She was patient and provided a space for non-judgement and where I could confide without fear or shame.
My daughter really likes sessions with you and she’s so much happier at home and eating much better now. Thanks, Alexis!
Thank you Alexis for being such a genuine counsellor. You were patient and persevered with me on my healing journey and I am grateful that you were willing to weather through a difficult season in my life.
The schema therapy helped me gain awareness of my coping modes and learning how to strengthen my healthy adult voice. This gives me the confidence to face emotional challenges in the future.
Priyahnisha has been patient in listening to my problems and advising me with appropriate solutions, which made me feel that I could be more in control of my anxieties. She also takes the time to ask me a lot of questions that help me understand and process my own feelings as well. I feel heard and understood, and I like that there is applicable advice I can use in my daily life.
Priyahnisha has been patient in listening to my problems and advising me with appropriate solutions, which made me feel that I could be more in control of my anxieties. She also takes the time to ask me a lot of questions that help me understand and process my own feelings as well. I feel heard and understood, and I like that there is applicable advice I can use in my daily life.
Nisha is very understanding and relates well to what I share
Danial helped me process my thoughts in ways I never thought I could while being extremely patient and kind. He is a great listener and always gives me time and space to express myself without the fear of judgement. I have learnt a lot about myself in his sessions and hope to grow even more with the tools that we learnt to use together. Thanks for everything you do, Dan!
I couldn’t be more grateful to Danial for bringing a positive impact on my life. He allows me to feel at ease and comfortable when sharing my concerns. He was really warm and understanding and made me feel confident that I was in good hands. He listened attentively to my concerns and helped me gain new perspectives on my issues. I am grateful for the work he put in to help me overcome my struggles. I would definitely seek his services again in the future. Thank you Danial.
I feel at ease when I approach Danial to talk about my issues. He listens patiently whenever I am having trouble stringing my thoughts together. When I struggle too much, he helps to move the process along. This has been beneficial as it allows me to think independently as I discover more about myself. Danial also has a good balance of empathy and practicality when suggesting possible approaches I can try out for my issues.
We selected him because we wanted someone who is of the same cultural background to understand us better. Yes, we were able to communicate comfortably. It was our first time attending couples therapy and we find him quite helpful as he gave us clear information on what to expect from the session.
We selected him because we wanted someone who is of the same cultural background to understand us better. Yes, we were able to communicate comfortably. It was our first time attending couples therapy and we find him quite helpful as he gave us clear information on what to expect from the session.
Tarin has been incredible. She provides a safe place for me to be vulnerable yet affirms me in the areas I’ve done well. She is not afraid to tell me as it is while providing me with coping tools should a similar experience happens again. Her empathy eased my ability to continue unpacking the trauma I’ve been dealing with. Thank you, Tarin.
My therapist, Glennamarie, is very kind, patient, and understanding. I find it very easy to open up to her, and I appreciate her accommodating me going off tangent sometimes.
Beena was very friendly and responsive to my queries and problems. I felt safe to share my issues and concerns with her. I also felt that the pacing of the session was good.
Beena is brilliant. She has really helped me, and I find that I keep booking another session with her. She brings together science, reality, ways of management, and feelings to give a very pragmatic view but also helps me with understanding them to look at things from a non-biased point of view.
Beena was awesome and great to talk to. I had no trouble opening up and she led the conversation so I felt comfortable. She gave me valuable insights and resources that I could read on my own to help myself even more! Thank you Beena.
Beena managed to identify the problem instantly and provided sound solutions for me to improve myself. She is also able to empathise with me quite well. Thank you for the session!
It felt easy to speak to Beena. I appreciate her advice, and her taking the time to speak with me past the 1-hour slot
In the beginning after the death of my husband before I met Rashmi, I did not feel good at all. I used to wonder how I will go through life without my husband and how take care of my children all by myself. I was frightened to face life and felt hopeless and used to think my life was over. Then I met Rashmi and my healing started. She patiently listened to me as I expressed my grief and worries, encouraged me to take one step at a time and re-engage with life again. She gave me all the help and support I needed and gradually I am now beginning to feel much better and confident as I go about re-building my identity and taking care of my children. I thank her for all her help in getting me through such tough and emotionally challenging times.
Rashmi was referred to me when I was going through a turbulent time facing a divorce after a long-standing marriage and managing a new demanding relationship. I have been talking to her via video calls about my relationship, marriage and the emotional upheaval I have been facing the last 3 years. She has been gentle, patient and helped me recognise the abuse that I have faced; to believe in myself and be strong and most of all manage the trauma and anxiety and focus on rebuilding my life.
End of 2020 was indeed a roller coaster! While the world was hit by pandemic, I was hit by a cheating partner terribly. During those anxious times Rashmi came to be a wonderful ear and a shoulder to grieve. She listened and then helped me to face it, to overcome it and to be myself once again. Thank you Rashmi for guiding me through those days. Wish you all the best.
Alex is an amazing therapist and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone! This is my first time trying counselling, and I don’t regret it one bit thanks to Alex. At every session, Alex makes me feel heard and helps me work through whatever issues I am dealing with at the time. Not only does she provide support during our sessions, but also recommends useful “tools” and exercises for me to try outside our sessions. I started therapy feeling awful mentally and emotionally, but have seen a significant improvement in my well-being since committing to therapy with Alex. For someone who is prone to overthinking and is often stuck in their head, having Alex there to broaden and reframe my thoughts has been a big help. She pays close attention and is great at catching critical thoughts or mannerisms that I wasn’t aware of, and using those to pinpoint what I am feeling even when I am unsure of myself. Just as people hit the gym to maintain their physical wellbeing, I think therapy is the equivalent for mental and emotional wellbeing. The sessions are a much-needed space for me to process my thoughts and feelings in a healthy, effective manner. After each one, I feel much better mentally and emotionally. I also recognise that I feel exponentially better after committing to regularly scheduled sessions. If anyone is feeling unsure about therapy, I highly recommend giving it a try on TYHO with Alex!
Alexandra Oh (Alex) has been an incredible therapist for me. Alex is great at asking the right questions to help me reconsider my mindset, and she has a strong sense about how not to push me too much or too little in a session. I always leave with new insights about myself and questions to think about, so I feel challenged but not overwhelmed. She’s incredibly warm, easy to talk to, and feels like she understands my challenges quickly and with compassion. I’d recommend Alex to anyone as an excellent therapist.
Alexandra is very understanding and experienced. In response to many situations which arises throughout our sessions, she listens well and provides feedback, often including specific ways to improve situations in my life. I particularly like how we have ‘homework’ after every session to try to push the client to think about their own circumstances. 10/10 would recommend Alexandra.
I always feel renewed and more centred after my sessions with Alex. She is a great listener, picks things up quickly, and asks objective questions to get me to take a step back and adopt a more macro perspective to my situation. She helps me to spot patterns in my thinking and behaviour, and constantly reminds me of what we’re trying to work on each session. I am so grateful to have her support.
I use TYHO for both personal and couples counselling. My partner and I look forward to each session as something that is introspective and actually can be really fun. With our amazing therapist Alexandra (Alex), we have learned a lot about ourselves and taken tangible lessons we can realistically incorporate into our own lives.
Alex is a great person to speak to — kind, patient and very understanding. She isn’t pushy, which is great, because sometimes you do need time to come out of your shell to share more. I appreciate the opportunity to talk through my emotions, worries and frustrations.
Abigail Yang is a great counsellor who listens if I need to express my emotions and works with me to make sense of them. She also helps put things in a rational perspective to make them easier to understand.
Abigail has been a great support in my grief counselling journey. She has offered insights to help me make sense of what I am going through and feeling. I walked away from our sessions feeling more empowered and encouraged.
In our sessions, Fion never fails to navigate sensitive issues with tact and hold space for anything brought up without judgement, alleviating my initial apprehension and worries before beginning therapy. Her empathy and openness have led to me to be more willing to share and to be more receptive of the ways in which we approach areas of concern even though they might be tough. While she is upfront about how the process will not be easy, her affirmations and encouragements have made it a little less daunting. To date, we have worked though/are working through a fair number of things and I always appreciate how she takes the time to ensure I understand what she is trying to convey, and that I am present as much as possible, especially during the more emotionally gruelling sessions. Moreover, as an extremely perceptive person, Fion is always attuned to signs of unease no matter how minute, pointing them out before I even notice them myself. Although we have only been working together for a short amount of time, she has managed to gradually bring about more self-awareness in me through our sessions and homework. A resourceful, affable, and meticulous person, the amount of care Fion puts into her work is evident and thus enables her to achieve effective emotional connection.
Fion is such a good listener, patient and compassionate. I feel validated every time we have a session together. She is kind and she always tries to help me think of a way to find solutions to my problems like recommending or suggesting something alternative that she knows might help me. Whenever we have our session, I feel sad but after our session together I feel enlightened, motivated, full of hope and I feel validated. That someone can understand me, is with me and believes in me. Fion is very passionate about what she’s doing. She loves helping people. I can feel her sincerity, her concern, she’s genuine. She’s my hero. I always consider her as my go to person when I need someone to talk to. I trust her the most and I feel comfortable with her. I can tell her anything without judgment. Fion is one of a kind. I like her so much. Thank you, Fion for everything you have done for me. For helping me since day 1. You’ve witnessed how depressing my situation is but you never got tired of listening to me, for helping me and for validating my feelings. For giving me enlightenment whenever I feel confused. Thank you, Fion…. Thank you!
Talking with Fion is very comforting. I really feel like she listens to what I have to say and is very good at providing the tools I need to help myself get back on a good path. Fion makes me feel like no problem is insurmountable. Thank you, Fion!
I cannot recommend Fion enough
Alicia is a highly professional counsellor. She has helped me to understand myself better in order to thrive in my relationship and work. Not only does she mindfully listen when I share with her the difficulties I am facing, she acknowledges how I feel with high empathy, helps me to process my thoughts, and supports me in recognising my strengths even when I am feeling incredibly demoralised or unmotivated. She is great in building rapport and makes me feel like no problem is too small a problem. This in turn helps me open up about my vulnerabilities more easily and learn to be more compassionate towards myself. There is a sense of trust and friendship in our client-therapist relationship, something that I’ve yet to experience despite having seen at least 3 other therapists, and I really appreciate the genuine support she has given me over the past 2-3 months.
It is my first time going for counselling and Alicia is very patient and friendly through it all. I went into the session feeling confused about my own emotions, and Alicia helped to untangle the knots in my head by asking me questions and painting rhetorical scenarios I have never considered before. She is very sharp at picking up details and reading between the lines, and these helped me to confront many issues that I often try to avoid thinking about. Alicia is truly empathetic and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for help to get back on their feet. Sessions are also convenient and comfortable. I like that I can choose the place/environment that I am doing it from.
I look forward to every therapy session with Alicia as I know she would be able to shed light on any issue I’m wrestling with. She is a warm and empathetic listener, pays attention to details, and draws on a wealth of experience to provide helpful insights and prompts for deeper self-reflection. I’m grateful for her help to get me back up on my feet, and for the safe environment she actively fosters. I feel like I can talk about anything with Alicia, and she’ll always share insights or ask questions that allow me to reflect deeper or consider new ways of approaching an issue.
Alicia is a therapist I would recommend to my family and friends. With her prior experience, she is able to understand my situation and feelings very well. She helped me make sense of how I am feeling and how I can manage them. She makes me feel calm and comfortable which makes me open up to her about my feelings easily. Alicia is very attentive and listens to me. She explains and makes sense of what I am going through. It’s nice to have someone who listens to me and is concerned for my well-being. I also liked that I was access therapy from home.
I’ve tried several different therapists, and I’m so glad I found Alicia. She is a great listener, but also interjects with thought-provoking questions that challenge some of my beliefs and help me uncover new insight into thinking patterns that may be flawed and harmful. I really needed someone who could bring wisdom from their life experiences to guide me, but still remain relatable to a millennial. And Alicia has certainly been the sweet spot between the two! Online counselling also makes it easy to attend sessions consistently. At the end of my sessions, I always feel heard and more clear-headed.
I’ve been to therapy elsewhere before but now I feel like I am really progressing with Alicia. She is very observant and good at picking up cues that I may not even be aware of. She is very knowledgeable in what she does, and she has so much empathy, which makes me feel like I can be more and more vulnerable after each session. Great skills that every therapist should have. I am very happy with my therapist and would highly recommend her. She is also very insightful and very observant in reading in between the lines of what I say.
Alicia is a counsellor who I find empathetic, attentive, and careful in handling my emotional unloading and queries. She listens and responds precisely without judgement. Her engaging and kind disposition makes me feel comfortable whenever I am talking about what is on my mind. Never once did I feel inferior around her – she always treats me with respect and gives thought to my values and honest opinions as well. Sessions are also convenient with slots in the after hours, where most of us have our guard down and are vulnerable.
I felt that Alicia has helped me in every step of the way as I move forward to the different stages of my life. She is interactive and attentive to my needs: Alicia answers all my questions and engages me in the sessions which make it easier for me to digest the information and reflect on those sessions later on. She empathises, listens and acknowleges all my emotions. As sessions took place at the comfort of my own home,I felt comfortable knowing that I can talk just about my worries with her in a safe environment.
Alicia was very patient and kind. She was also an excellent listener, non-judgemental, and helped me walk through my thought processes clearly. She created a safe environment for me to talk about my fears and worries which helped me open up to her freely. I liked that we began punctually, and I could do it from the convenience of my home.
Alicia has knowledge on how to clearly deal with topics at hand.
Jeanette takes great care to listen to my issues and offers very practical and useful perspectives and possible workouts to solve thorny problems. She is empathetic and clearly enjoys her work which is to help people through difficult issues / situations / times. Her comments and insights often leave me wondering: “Oh how come I didn’t think of that?” or “Oh, that’s how my spouse looks at what’s happened.” I highly recommend her to couples seeking marital counselling no matter how complex or simple their everyday situations are. Sessions with her could even be a refresher course to improve marital relationships. Moreover, TYHO makes it very simple to have sessions as you can literally talk to a professional from home – amazing when one thinks about how things used to be having to make an appointment and travel down to the office on that day itself.
Jeanette is very friendly, open, and didn’t judge me for the things I said even when my thoughts were messy and all over the place — she lets me talk through the issues I needed to think about and offered kind support. In particular, I appreciate her her candour and openness to discussing issues (even when my thoughts are quite scattered).
I appreciate that I feel comfortable sharing with Jeanette – she’s professional yet also personable and empathetic. During sessions, she’s intuitive, non-judgemental, and really gets it. I don’t have the sort of “hangover” that I sometimes get after counselling where I feel momentarily worse about myself. She’s been a great help, and I look forward to continuing to work with her through my thought processes and maintaining my mental well-being.
Jeanette was really patient. She understood how I viewed my issues and narratives. She also suggested alternative ways of coping that she felt would work better for me, and I too found them suitable.
Ms. Jeanette has been such an easygoing and empathetic counsellor ever since the first session I had with her. Not having good experiences with counselling in the past, she has helped me open up to her and expressed an eagerness for me to gain back my self-esteem and identity. As a student just entering adulthood, she has shown sympathy for my hardships and always guided me with an optimistic attitude. 100% recommend
Alyssa is an incredibly good listener. I feel very safe to pour my heart out to her, without feeling any judgement. I truly felt I got the support I needed. She definitely held the space for me to explore and understand my emotions and thoughts so much better. I always leave each session with a much more elevated mood, and empowered that I’m able to come to a conclusion/ closure with my issues. My experience has been wonderful so far. I was telling Alyssa how TYHO is such an incredible company name; it doesn’t sound intimidating or scary, especially for people who want to reach out for help. At least it sounded like this to me
I like that we can explore a lot during the sessions. Alyssa asks insightful questions and provides non-judgemental responses which help me understand myself better. She is a very friendly therapist who listens well and asks very insightful questions that help me understand myself better. She recognises and affirms me when she notices my personal growth, which encourages me to continue working on myself outside of our therapy sessions. Talking to her provides me with good insight and clarity that I need, allowing me to be the best version of myself every day.
Alyssa was my first counsellor ever, and I’m so glad she made it such a great experience for me. I went into the session not really expecting much and was honestly quite intimidated. But she managed to hold space and make me feel heard. She was very kind, open, and really asked the right questions for me to reflect and give myself time to think. My sessions with Alyssa were definitely helpful and I would come to see her again should I feel that I need to talk to a professional.
Alyssa was really genuine; the way she tries to understand me was through easy-going conversations and questions, not invasive/straightforward. She really made me feel comfortable to share my thoughts and worries. It felt really comfortable being able to talk freely and express my thoughts and worries. Simple affirmations also helped to make me feel better. Just being able to sense that she was genuine made the whole process easier and better.
Alyssa is very friendly and warm which helps me to open up. She is also knowledgeable, perceptive, and very receptive to feedback. I shared that I would like to learn more about strategies and she worked on it immediately. I also liked the convenience of meeting online over Zoom, the ease of scheduling, and effectiveness in terms of targetedness and duration of session.
I had a good live chat conversation with Alyssa. She is a great listener – she made me feel better as I was able to discuss my troubles with her openly. If you are looking for a setting that is relaxing and without judgment, take the first step and try out TYHO
I found Alyssa very warm and easy to talk to. She is a really great listener and very empathetic. Her suggested coping strategies were also quite manageable and not too extreme. I felt very comfortable.
Alyssa is a very attentive listener and takes note of nitty-gritty details that may not matter to most people, but they do to me. I appreciate her attentiveness. During sessions, I was able to talk my heart out without judgment, and felt validated, supported, and heard.
Alyssa has helped us as a couple to improve our communication with each other, which in turn allowed us to understand each other better. She provides practical advice and tools for us to practice as well. I’m glad I found Alyssa through the platform.
Alyssa is a great and attentive listener. She is able to pick up key points and provide a good summary of the current and past sessions. I always feel comfortable and safe conversing with her as she helps me realize myself and view it from a different perspective
Alyssa was very amicable and actively listened to what was being said. It was like chatting with a friend.
With Alyssa, I felt heard and assured. During sessions, she is empathetic, friendly and easy to open up to.

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