Couples Therapy in Australia

Couples Therapy in Australia

Relationship Counselling in Australia: Introduction

Couple therapy in Australia Why choose online
relationship counselling?

Online relationship counselling in Australia is highly accessible, convenient, and removes geographical barriers.  

Choosing online couples counselling means giving it the care and support that it deserves – even if your situation makes it difficult to access in-person couples therapy.  

Online couples therapy is especially helpful if: 

  • You or your partner cannot travel to appointments for some reasons 
  • You live in a remoter part of Australia 
  • You have children or older adults who need constant care 
  • Your work schedule makes it impossible to commute and attend offline sessions 
  • You live away from your partner 
  • You travel a lot and can’t make it to in-person sessions all the time 
  • You find sharing your problems in person too overwhelming 

Even if not for the above reason, you can still choose online relationship therapy in Australia if you simply prefer it.  

At TYHO, our Australian couples Therapists offer both online audio and video therapy sessions.  

During audio calls, you may engage in a discussion with your online Therapist along with your partner.  

In contrast, you may need to switch on your videos during video call sessions.  

We recommend video sessions as your body language, physical interactions with your partner, eye contact, and other subtle details can give your Therapist a bigger picture of your problems and dynamics.  

You can save extra expenses such as travel costs with online counselling.  

Moreover, couples counselling in Canberra is becoming popular among Australians, especially because it saves time, energy, money, and effort.  

According to 2020-21 research, nearly 3.4 million people in Australia saw a professional for their mental health. In addition, almost 612,000 Australians seek support via phone, video calls, digital technologies, and online counselling services.

Online couples therapy in Australia at TYHO Is online relationship
counselling effective?

Couples usually believe that couples counselling in Canberra is not effective as offline sessions.  

Several recent research prove our beliefs wrong. For example, a paper found that couples seeking online therapy ‘consistently’ experienced positive changes and reported that they could strongly connect with their couples Therapist.  

Online therapy works for couples – albeit it may not be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ platform (ie some may prefer audio calls, whereas others may benefit from video sessions). 

According to a 2016 study, people who received online cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) gained a greater outcome than those who engaged in their traditional counterparts.  

On top of this, clients also found online CBT to be a more ‘affordable’ treatment option.  

Additionally, the Journal of Psychological Disorders published a 2018 study that showed that online CBT is ‘effective, acceptable, and practical’.  

Researchers also proved that online therapy was as effective as in-person for various issues such as major depression, anxiety disorders (especially social anxiety disorder and generalised anxiety disorder), and panic disorder.  

Ongoing research consistently shows that clients experience a stronger therapeutic alliance and satisfaction through online therapy in Australia 

At TYHO, we provide services in many Australian cities, including but not limited to couples therapy in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and more.  

Through couples counselling in Canberra, you can express and articulate your emotions, solve problems, and develop a healthy relationship.  

Take the first step today and reach out to us for support from expert Australian counsellors 

Getting Started with Couples Counselling

What are the signs I might need relationship counselling?

Below are some of the key signs to be aware of:   

  • You find it hard to find joy when you spend time with your partner. 
  • You always argue over the same topics, and quarrels have become a common pattern in your relationship. 
  • You tend to be more critical and annoyed when thinking about your partner.  
  • You and your partner have started to hide important details.  
  • You feel uncomfortable to be your authentic self. 
  • You feel apathetic all conflicts.  
  • You find it unbearable to return home to your partner.  
  • You or your partner experiences emotional or physical abuse and manipulation.  
  • You feel lonely even when you are with your partner.  

You may need couples therapy in Australia if you resonate with two or more of the above signs.  

Note: If you or someone you know is facing immediate risk due to any form of abuse in a relationship, please contact emergency services.  

Who could benefit from couples counselling?

At TYHO, we recommend couples counselling for anyone who may need that helping hand to cope healthily in life, especially if it’s along with a partner.  

Couples therapy or pre-marriage therapy can help you: 

  • Set realistic expectations for marriage 
  • Develop shared goals and timelines 
  • Recognise and understand each other’s strengths in the relationship 
  • Assign roles and responsibilities before marriage 

Such important moments in a relationship (ie marriage or live-in) bring noticeable shifts in how you interact, bond, or communicate with your partner (Also see: Deep Questions to Ask to Truly Get to Know Someone).  

These shifts, while sometimes subtle, can often cause distress or misunderstanding among each other, especially if one partner struggles to adapt to these changes.  

Therefore, viewing the dynamics of your relationship in a new light and from a supportive and unbiased setting can help you prevent any future problems.  

We recommend online couples counselling if either partner feels the need to work on specific aspects of the relationship or believes that professional help is necessary.  

Hence, anyone can benefit from couples counselling, regardless of whether or not your problem is ‘severe enough’.  

To choose the right couples Therapist in Australia, you need to find someone you and your partner can trust and feel comfortable with.  

Work with your partner to select an Australian Therapist that meets both of your needs.  

Explore the profiles of various couples counsellors on our platform to learn about the issues they specialise in.  

How does couples therapy work?

At TYHO, therapy sessions are typically scheduled for about an hour. On our platform, it is common for couples to opt for weekly sessions.  

You can discuss how long you’d like therapy for with your couples Therapist in Australia. 

During sessions, you can actively participate and ask questions, clarify your doubts, or open up about your thoughts.  

Your Therapist may also ask questions to get to know you better. These could include: 

  • Relationship dynamics 
  • Commnication styles 
  • Personal issues 
  • Family background 

Try to be as honest as you can. Your openness will help build a good relationship with your Therapist (ie therapeutic alliance), which in turn, will result in positive therapy outcomes.  

After your presenting problems are identified, your couples counsellor may develop a personalised therapeutic plan.  

You can access the plan and clinical impressions on your TYHO dashboard.  

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Online couples therapy in Australia at TYHO

Couples Counselling Services in Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate of couples Counselling?

Research published in the Family Therapy Journal indicates that approximately 70% of couples experience positive outcomes from couples counselling.  

Similarly, the National Council for Marriage and Family Therapy reports that 90% of couples who receive therapy from a well-trained Therapist notice an improvement in their emotional health.  

The key factor in both the studies was the fact that the clients attended sessions regularly.  

Hence, to receive the maximum benefits of couples counselling in Canberra, you may have to attend sessions consistently.  

Is couple Counselling worth it?

Yes, couples counselling in Canberra is definitely worth it!  

Regardless of the severity of your problem, couples counselling in Australia can help you improve several areas of your life.  

TYHO couples Therapists may use tools such as emotionally focused therapy and Gottman’s Method to help you: 

  • Solve arguments constructively 
  • Avoid fights  
  • Take up personal space without hurting each other 
  • Set and maintain boundaries 
  • Unlearn negative patterns 
Can couples Counselling save a relationship?

Through couples counselling in Australia, you can learn the relevant and scientific tools required to improve your relationship.  

TYHO psychologists in Australia may teach you tools such as cognitive restructuring (ie changing a negative thought to a positive one) and solution-focused techniques to help you: 

  • Improve your bond 
  • Develop trust 
  • Become more affectionate 
  • Resolve arguments and misunderstandings 

Hence, although couples counselling can make all the difference – it is on you and your partner to apply them sincerely.  

The more you use the insights from your therapy, the sooner you can solve all your relationship issues.  

Do I get the same counsellor every time?

Yes, you can continue seeing the same couples counsellor throughout your journey.  

If you find that the Therapist match is not quite right, feel free to look for someone else. 

It can take some time to find the right couples counsellor in Australia. Reach out to us for help with choosing a Therapist and booking a session! 

Is online couples counselling right for me and my partner?

Online couples counselling in Canberra is right for you and your partner in several situations:  

  • When you and your partner live in different countries.    
  • If either of you are hesitant about participating in face-to-face therapy sessions.  
  • If you are in a situation where you live in an isolated area with limited access to offline counselling.  
  • When both of you have demanding schedules and the only feasible time for therapy is outside regular working hours. 

TYHO couples counsellors in Australia are available after work hours and on weekends.  

Feel free to reach out to us for further details!  

Who are you seeking therapy for?

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