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Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) is an end-to-end online therapy platform. Our counsellors in Australia provide affordable and high-quality support. 

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Online Counselling in Australia: Introduction

Please note: We use the term ‘Therapists’ for all mental health professionals on our platform. 

In this section, we provide essential information that will significantly improve your therapy experience with us. You’ll find everything you need to know about: 

  • What counselling is 
  • Types of counselling 
  • How to find an online Australian counsellor 

What is counselling?

Counselling is a space to address and manage personal, work-related, social, and familial issues.  

We face several complex feelings and experiences from our childhood, both positive and negative. These early experiences often shape our adult lives in many ways.    

At times, managing all your emotions and thoughts can be overwhelming.  

This is where online counselling in Australia can be helpful. During your sessions, you can address unresolved trauma and overcome issues in your present life.  

Counsellors in Australia also help with: 

Why Choose TYHO Counsellors?

TYHO counsellors in Australia are highly qualified and have a minimum of 3-6 years of study and an additional 1-2 years of hands-on clinical training.  

We have counsellors who offer both online video and audio therapy sessions. Moreover, we hold all our online counsellors in Australia to a high standard and align with TYHO values.  

During the selection process of Australian online counsellors, we look for soft skills such as: 

  • Openness  
  • Inclusivity 
  • Nonjudgemental attitude 
  • Excellent communication skills 

TYHO counsellors in Melbourne and other cities also support women, LGBTQ+, couples, men, children, and families. 

How can I find a counsellor in Australia? 

At TYHO, you can find a counsellor in Australia by visiting their full profiles.  

In their profiles, you may find details about the counsellor’s qualifications, specialisations, educational background, and clinical expertise.  

You can also review the issues an Australian counsellor can help with.  

You will also find information about the therapeutic approaches our online Therapists use. TYHO counsellors share their hobbies, the languages they speak, and their professional journey in their profiles. 

We suggest that you watch the counsellor’s introductory videos to understand them and their counselling style.  

When you find the right counsellor in Australia, you can directly book a session from their profile. Contact us for help with booking a session! 

Psychological Self-Assessment

Counselling in Australia


In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel tired out for no good reason?



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel so nervous that nothing could calm you down?



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel restless or fidgety?



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel so restless you could not sit still?



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel that everything was an effort?



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel so sad that nothing could cheer you up?



In the past 4 weeks,

about how often did you feel


Self-Assessment Results

Australian counsellors

How Can Therapy Help?

What issues can counselling help with?

People may have different types of issues that affect their lives uniquely.  

For example, a lot of people may have work-related stress, but how it manifests in their lives may differ. Due to this stress, some people struggle to manage emotions, while others struggle to make time for their loved ones at home.    

Hence, regardless of the issue, online counselling in Australia can help you find a balance and improve your mental wellness.   

At TYHO, our counsellors in Perth can help you with issues such as:   

  • Difficulty in decision-making   
  • Challenges with assertiveness   
  • Interpersonal conflicts   
  • Stress-related to work or personal life   
  • Managing anger   
  • Coping with loss   
  • Navigating through separation   
  • Solving family arguments or conflicts   
  • Dealing with betrayal   
  • Adapting to major life changes   
  • Pre-martial issues such as marriage roles   
  • Dealing with educational stress or burdens   

Additionally, you can also seek help to manage mental health conditions such as:    

  • ADHD 
  • OCD 
  • Childhood trauma or PTSD 
  • Bipolar disorder   
  • Borderline personality disorder   
  • Persistent or major depressive conditions   
  • Various anxiety disorders, including panic disorder   
  • Disorders related to eating, such as anorexia nervosa   
  • Addictions   

Please note: To view a complete list of areas our counsellors can help with, visit the full profile of a TYHO counsellor and explore the ‘What Therapist Can Help With’ section.  

Do I need a counsellor?

Below are some of the key indicators that you may need professional mental health support.  

Consider talking to a TYHO counsellor in Australia if you:   

  • Want to improve or change your daily habits but are unsure about where to start 
  • No longer find pleasure in hobbies or activities that once brought you joy 
  • Struggle with regulating or managing your emotional responses 
  • Experience a decline in academic, collegiate, or professional performance 
  • Face challenges in either falling or staying sleep 
  • Persistently struggle with feelings of sadness, nervousness, or irritability 
  • Observe significant shifts in your eating patterns (eg binge eating) 
  • Find it difficult to establish or maintain bonds with people close to you 
  • Have a past marked by emotional or physical harm and trauma 
  • Are dealing with loss and coping with a sense of isolation 

TYHO’s counsellors are here to help you in articulating your feelings effectively. Gain insights and a new perspective on your personal development through online counselling. 

Remember that your issue does not have to be severe for you to seek help.  

Learning therapeutic tools at any stage of your life can help prevent issues and make you self-reliant in handling your problems.  

What questions to ask when choosing a counsellor?

Every question you ask has a benefit during your psychotherapy in Australia 

Your active participation during therapy and your commitment outside the sessions can also significantly improve your progress and mental wellness.  

Consider asking questions like:  

  • What structure will our therapy take? Understanding the structure and plan behind your therapy will help you think of and believe in the process to achieve your therapy goals. 
  • What is the expected duration of my therapy? Gaining some awareness of the session frequency and overall timeline will help you plan your sessions into your lifestyle. Anticipating the number of sessions also means that you do not have to compromise on other daily activities.  
  • When should I expect to notice progress? Knowing when you can expect improvements can give you a good boost of eagerness and commitment to therapy.  
  • What are the potential challenges with this therapy method? Knowing what to anticipate, including any challenges, will help you plan ahead of time to tackle them. Your online psychologist in Australia will also guide you through the specifics of the chosen therapy method and other options. 
  • Can you describe your therapeutic approach? Therapists differ in their methods – some might follow a structured approach with specific assignments and skill development. In contrast, others might adopt a more flexible style (eg changing approaches frequently or based on need). Understanding their methodology will give you clarity on what to expect from the therapy sessions. 
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Counselling Services in Australia

In the below section, you will find details about mental health issues we help with and our counselling services. Click on the link of each service to read more!

Counselling Services

Depression counsellor in Australia

Depression Counselling

Our counsellors will help you manage emotions, overcome sadness, and help you rediscover joy in life.

Therapists in Australia

Therapy Services

TYHO Therapists are vetted for their compassion, expertise, and commitment to your well-being and growth.

Psychologists in Australia


Experts can help you manage stress and worry, and learn scientific tools to increase calmness and resilience.

Couples counsellor Australia

Couples Counselling

Navigate couple issues like arguments and disconnect. Improve your love life with the help of our counsellors.

Psychotherapists in Australia

Psychotherapy Services

Explore the root causes of your issues, and learn therapeutic tools for personal development.

Types of Counsellors in Australia

At TYHO, our counsellors in Australia provide both short-term and long-term therapy.    

On the one hand, try short-term counselling if you need help with a temporary or immediate concern. For example, you may need help adjusting to a new country, guidance to choose your career, or help to move on from unrequited love.    

On the other hand, try long-term counselling if you would like to explore the links between your childhood experiences and problems in your present life. For example, you can cope with a chronic anxiety  or stress through long-term support.    

However, there is no hard and fast rule. You can opt for an option that best fits your needs and requirements.    

In this section, you can learn more about the type of TYHO counsellors in Australia and how they can help you.

Online Australian counsellors

If you constantly argue with your partner or get angry at them, you may not understand your emotional response or your partner's reaction. Confronting each other ineffectively may only lead to more conflicts.   

Handling relationship issues alone can be frustrating, especially if you are in your first relationship.   

Usually, it is quite hard to figure out the thoughts and feelings of our partner(s). We may not know why they are upset or when they are angry.   

Moreover, if you or your partner do not communicate openly, have unclear boundaries, or often misunderstand each other – you may face more issues in the dynamic.    

At TYHO, we offer couples therapy in Australia to help you:   

  • Gain insights into each other's perspectives  
  • Develop effective conflict resolution techniques   
  • Establish boundaries that respect each other's emotions   
  • Communicate your desires and opinions   

Rest assured, any private details or emotions you share in the sessions are strictly confidential and shared only among you, your partner, and your relationship Therapist.   

Your Therapist will facilitate structured discussions to address areas such as trust, communication, boundaries, or issues with intimacy. 

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If you and your spouse are facing difficulties in your marriage or looking to mentally prepare for any upcoming life changes (like starting a family), online counselling in Australia can help you.  

Marriage counselling provides the tools to:  

  • Share your emotions in a respectful, non-harmful way 
  • Reach common ground in conflicts and arguments 
  • Make mutual choices and decisions 
  • Explore and define your responsibilities within the marriage 
  • Prepare collectively for new responsibilities in your marriage, such as parenting or caring for pets 
  • Deepen your understanding of each other's wants and needs 

Our Australia-based Online Therapists use a structured and scientific tool such as the Gottman Method to help you and your partner improve your: 

  • Affection 
  • Trust 
  • Commitment 
  • Intimacy 

Read More 

The environment in which we are raised within our families can profoundly influence the choices we make at a later stage in life.    

Each family has its own distinctive dynamic, and it impacts each member in different ways.  

For example, if a family does not have the habit of talking about their feelings - one sibling may resort to suppressing their emotions through alcohol dependence while the other sibling may become overly emotional or sensitive.   

As such, differences across generations, sibling rivalries, misunderstandings, and ineffective communication can significantly impact interactions and understanding among family members.    

Furthermore, shifts in family roles may provoke disputes and create more conflicts among relatives.    

Our team of family counsellors in Australia can guide you in:    

  • Improving communication and interactions within the family   
  • Resolving and addressing familial conflicts, such as blame-shifting    
  • Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect   
  • Acquiring skills for open communication and expression  

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Everyone experiences grief differently. However, some common feelings are a heavy burden and a deep sorrow accompanying loss.  

At TYHO, we provide grief counselling in Australia to help you explore the complex emotions that come with your loss.  

Emotions surrounding grief can often be very unique and complex, and not everyone may understand their own responses or those of others.  

For example, some people may find it incredibly hard to cry while grieving, but they may not gain the support they need, as crying is typically the 'expected' response to grief.  

Some of the forms of grief include the death of someone close, ending relationships, parting ways with friends, career transitions, or even the anticipatory grief that arises from the dread of potentially losing someone dear.  

Consider grief counselling with TYHO if you resonate with any of these situations:  

  • You have suffered a loss and struggle to manage your emotions 
  • You experience profound sadness or a feeling of emptiness when thinking about your loss 
  • You cannot engage in everyday tasks or make future plans  
  • You feel a sense of detachment even in the company of others 
  • You struggle with unresolved matters or emotions related to the person you have lost 
  • Your appetite, mood, and sleep schedules have changed drastically 

Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is counselling confidential?

Counsellors in Australia must maintain strict confidentiality on our platform, according to our privacy and security policies.  

Can you work as a counsellor with a diploma in Australia?

No, all professional counsellor requires minimum 4-6 years of education.  

Our Australian counsellors have a minimum of a master’s in counselling.  

Further, we also strictly look for additional years with specific clinical training and research.  

Some of the other factors we look into include the following:  

  • Certifications in areas of expertise 
  • Inclusion and diversity in their approach  
  • Clinical skills like open-mindedness and non-judgementalism 
  • Languages they speak  
How is a counsellor different from a psychologist?

At TYHO, both counsellors and psychologists have similar expertise and can help with a wide range of issues.  

However, the only significant difference is that psychologists can conduct diagnostic tests.  

If you suspect that you may have a mental health disorder or need help managing one, you can opt for a psychologist in Australia 

A counsellor can help with daily life issues such as: 

  • Low self-esteem 
  • Mood swings 
  • Trauma 
  • Self-love 
  • Habit change 
  • Intergenerational trauma 
  • Work-related burnout 
  • Trust issues 
  • Intrusive thoughts 

Therefore, you can choose a professional at TYHO regardless of whatever issue you are currently facing.  

WhatsApp or email us at [email protected] if you need help coping a counsellor in Australia.  

How long does counselling last?

Typically, a single online counselling in Australia session with TYHO lasts for about 60 minutes. The total number of sessions you need can vary based on your (or couple’s or family’s) requirements.    

For example, some people may need bi-weekly sessions as they travel a lot or are occupied with work. At the same time, others prefer having weekly sessions.   

Usually, TYHO clients often opt for weekly sessions. This regularity helps them maintain and improve their therapeutic alliance – which ultimately results in positive therapy outcomes.    

As you continue therapy, you might want to adjust or change the frequency of sessions. The changes can be made based on your circumstances (ie which may usually change weekly or after a long time) and the goals you aim to achieve through therapy.    

For example, if you had sought out therapy for a temporary problem and resolved it – you may wish to change the frequency to twice or thrice a month. On the other hand, if you are keener on exploring your childhood trauma, you may benefit from sessions every week or twice a week.   

We suggest that you discuss the most recommended and convenient schedule for your therapy sessions with your Therapist.   

When should I see a counsellor?

People seek online counselling in Australia for a variety of other reasons as well.  

Such reasons range from: 

  • Improving or developing healthy habits  
  • Gaining clearer insights into thought processes and coping mechanisms 
  • Improving the ability to set boundaries  
  • Increasing assertiveness  

For example, with couples or family counselling, the primary objective would be to improve communication skills among partners or family members.  

When you should see counsellor may depend on several aspects in your life.  

For example, if you frequently tend to fall sick to a cold – you might need regular medications to reduce the flu.  

On the other hand, if your symptoms only occur once or twice a month – you may need a lower dosage or fewer visits to the doctor.  

Similarly, you can reduce the frequency if you learn to cope with your problems within a few sessions.  

However, if you need more help or experience more issues in other aspects of your life – you can continue to seek sessions until you gain some confidence and self-reliance.  

There’s also a prevalent misconception that your problem must reach a certain level of severity before seeking counselling.  

Many compare their issues to those of others, wrongly believing that their concerns aren’t significant enough to seek professional help. This delay can lead to increased difficulty in coping as problems may escalate.  

It’s essential to recognise that each person’s experiences are unique. If an issue matters to you and you feel inclined to discuss it, speaking with a counsellor in Australia can be beneficial. 

Not ready for counselling just yet?

No worries! At TYHO, we’re dedicated to creating a safe space where you can explore every part of yourself.

While you take your time, we invite you to be part of our community. Here, we share valuable content through blog posts and provide free resources through fun and engaging events!

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