Mental health test

Mental health tests can give you a good idea about your mental wellness.  

Taking online tests and assessments could help you identify if you need help from a professional counsellor in Malaysia.  

There are several different types of mental health assessments. For example, if you suspect that you may have an anxiety disorder, you could try an anxiety stress scale to gauge the intensity.  

Similarly, there are specific mental health tests to assess disorders such as ADHD, OCD, autism, depression, social anxiety, and so on. 

Alternatively, you can take general tests to evaluate your overall mental fitness (eg are you mentally resilient? Can you cope with problems without any issues?). 

However, please note that these tests are not diagnostic. Free online mental health assessments are a way to determine whether you need further help.  

Only a registered and qualified psychologist or psychiatrist (ie a medical doctor) can give you an official diagnosis and therapeutic plan.  

Read about what a mental health test is, what the results mean, and how to get an official diagnosis. 

What Is a Mental Health Screening?

A mental health screening is used to assess your mental wellbeing. A diagnostic screening could test your emotional state, mood swings, thinking patterns, relationships, personality, etc.  

Your psychologist may ask open-ended questions through structured conversations to conduct the assessment. However, the structure of dialogue depends on the particular test you are taking.  

Mental health assessments are used to identify symptoms of disorders such as: 

You may be answering questions about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Most tests are accessible and available online or in person.  

If you have any doubts during the assessments, your psychologist will help you clarify them.  

After the screening, the expert may discuss your assessment results and brief you on what that could mean.  

The psychologist may also recommend therapeutic approaches and a treatment plan based on the results. 

Can Mental Health Test Diagnose Me?

The short answer is no.  

Taking a free mental health test is not equivalent to a formal diagnosis, and your test results may not help you receive accommodations or additional support.  

However, regularly taking free assessments could help you become more self-aware and keep your mental wellness on track.  

Sometimes, it can be easy to neglect our wellbeing to prioritise other aspects of life, such as work or family commitments.  

Hence, mental health tests could provide you with a temporary assessment of how you are coping in life and whether you need professional support.  

However, a mental health test cannot replace a psychologist’s expertise, judgement, and evaluation.  

For example, during a formal assessment, your psychologist may take into account several factors, such as the following: 

  • Your Childhood 
  • Family history 
  • Genetics 
  • School life and academic performance 
  • Work-place stress or performance 
  • Personality type 
  • Friendships and interpersonal relationships 

Psychologists are also trained to reduce the risk of false positives and false negatives. Your psychologist can provide an accurate diagnosis with all the information you provide.  

Client getting a mental health test

Mental Health Screening Results

Mental health test results could capture your emotions and thoughts at a specific time.  

Some tests may offer you the result and an explanation, while others may only provide the result without any additional information.  

In general, if you receive a result such as a ‘Moderate’ or ‘Extremely severe’ level of a particular disorder, you may find it useful to seek help.  

Remember that mental health is dynamic, and sometimes, retaking the tests may give different results.  

Hence, try to rely more on your gut feelings after taking the test. Regardless of the outcome, if you feel like you may benefit from some guidance, do not hesitate to book an online counselling session 

Causes of Mental Health Issues

Several factors may cause mental health issues.  

Some of the most common causes include: 

  • Genetics 
  • Cultural upbringing 
  • Childhood trauma 
  • Environmental stressors  
  • Societal pressure 
  • Biological factors 
  • Lifestyle choices 

Other than the above, work stress, unhealthy coping tools, misguidance, and family expectations may also cause emotional distress. 

There is no one single cause for mental illness. Moreover, different people may develop the same condition due to several causes.  

Hence, the important thing to do if you suspect that you may have a disorder is to seek help as early as possible.  

Learning coping tools as a preventive method can help overcome future problems and bring more control to your life. 

How Do I Get a Diagnosis?

You can receive a diagnosis by booking a session with a registered psychologist in Malaysia.  

Psychologists may use diagnostic mental health tests to assess your mental health. At Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO), our psychologists may conduct diagnostic tests and regularly provide you with clinical impressions.  

Note: At TYHO, we use the term ‘Therapists’ to refer to all kinds of mental health professionals.  

You can visit each Therapist’s profile to read about their background, expertise, skills, and qualifications.  

Click the ‘Book a Session’ button to proceed with your booking. Try to have an open discussion with your Therapist about your issues.  

Your Therapist can help you provide a diagnosis if you suspect you may have any mental health disorder! 

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