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We are pleased to report that nearly 98% of TYHO clients continue to express satisfaction with our counselling and therapy services.

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To find a child Therapist in London, visit their full profiles to review their qualifications, therapy style, and expertise. Watch short videos to get to know them better.

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Child counsellors in London

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Why Child Therapy With TYHO?​

Expert Child Counsellors

TYHO child psychologists in London specialise in evidence-based approaches like motivational interviewing and expressive tools like art therapy and sand play therapy.

Family Inclusive Approach

TYHO psychologists take a holistic and radical approach to therapy by involving families and using multiple tools (ie integrative approach) to help parents and children.

Consistent Quality Care

TYHO research indicates that 88% of our clients are satisfied with the quality of our child therapy service. We have received numerous 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

User-Centric Platform

Our platform simplifies therapy access. Manage and schedule all your online therapy sessions in one place - your TYHO dashboard.

Child-Focused Therapeutic Plans

TYHO child counsellors in London work with children of all developmental stages, including those as young as three years old.

Respecting Your Privacy

TYHO is GDPR compliant and follows ethical guidelines to ensure a secure and private platform for all therapy and personal information.

Child Counselling in London: Introduction

What is child counselling?

Your child’s happiness and health are your top priorities as a parent. If you’re looking for some help for your kid, you may want to consider consulting with a child counsellor in London. 

But what exactly is child psychology, and what does a child counsellor do? 

And most importantly, how can you tell if your child could benefit from seeing one? 

Read this section for more information on how online child counselling works! 

The study of child psychology is a separate branch within the broader field of psychology. 

This discipline concentrates on children’s mental, emotional, and behavioural growth from infancy to teenage years. All combined, they are known as the developmental stages of a child.

At TYHO, our child counsellors in London are skilled at understanding the complex workings of a young mind, including their:

  • Thought processes
  • Emotional responses
  • Interactions with the child’s surrounding

Your child Therapist may use diagnostic tests and assessments to observe and identify developmental milestones. 

The professionals also use psychological tests to make sure that your kid shows healthy signs and patterns in their cognition, emotional responses, and actions. 

During therapy, your child may engage in structured dialogue (ie talk therapy) or use tools like play therapy to express themselves. 

UK child Therapists may then examine various elements, such as:

  • Intellectual capabilities (eg memory, decision-making skills, recall etc)
  • Psychological development (eg their emotional responses and how they react to other emotions)
  • Emotional maturity (ie managing or controlling emotions)
  • Social skills, including assertiveness and communication skills

However, do note that not all of the above are assessed for every child. Depending on the age group, your online UK Therapist may avoid examining social skills or emotional maturity. 

What do child psychologists do?

At TYHO, our team of child Therapists in London specialises in guiding you, your family, and your child to recognise, process, and navigate emotional experiences effectively. 

Your child may also learn healthy and important coping mechanisms. For example, a child’s world is shaped based on how the people around them talk and react. 

If your child has a loving home yet faces a lot of negative talk and bullying from school teachers, your child may start to speak to themselves in the same way. This is known as ‘negative self-talk’. 

However, through therapy, your child will learn how to cope without putting themselves down. Coping tools could include positive self-talk, affirmations, and creative expressions (ie drawing, dancing, singing). 

Your child psychologist will evaluate, diagnose, and address any emotional, behavioural, and psychological issues your child may face. 

TYHO London counsellors use several therapeutic approaches, including:

Our online child Therapists are highly trained and skilled at supporting clients of all ages, from infants to teenagers, with a keen understanding of their distinct needs. 

TYHO Therapists have a deep knowledge of the fundamental and psychological needs of children, considering how their social environment and cultural background affect aspects like: 

  • Social adjustment skills
  • Developmental milestones
  • Behavioural changes

Therapeutic approaches for children are often different from those used for adults, given the differences in age, developmental stage, and cognitive abilities. 

Therefore, our child counsellors provide treatment that takes into account the medical, familial, and psychological background of your child. 

How does counselling benefit children?

In a child’s world, everything they say and do is constantly supervised by the adults in their life. Hence, children may start feeling confused and restricted. 

At TYHO, our expert child counsellors in London provide unconditional support and guidance to children – through which your child can comfortably share their innermost and honest thoughts and feelings. 

For example, a child might hesitate to discuss certain emotions like frustration or sadness (See: Why Do I Feel Sad for No Reason?). Children are also constantly asked to ‘be happy’ and active. 

However, in a therapeutic setting, our psychologists use effective techniques such as conversation starters/prompts to help children understand their feelings. 

Through child therapy, children gain: 

  • Effective coping mechanisms, including activities like creative writing or practising mindfulness
  • A deeper understanding of their own emotions
  • Skills to build and maintain positive relationships and friendships

During the initial therapy sessions, the UK psychologist will engage your child with easy-going conversations about their daily life and general interests. 

Below are some areas where our child counsellors can offer guidance!

Emotional and Behavioural Challenges

Our team is skilled in helping children facing difficulties such as academic or school stress, low mood, impulsivity, or problematic behaviours (ie shouting or breaking things when angry). 

In therapy sessions at TYHO, we work with your child to: 

  • Explore the underlying causes of these challenges
  • Develop techniques to effectively manage their symptoms

Traumatic Experiences

Children may face trauma from a range of sources, including emotional neglect in the family, mistreatment in school or by their classmates, or unstable family environments (eg alcoholic parent).

Our kids counsellors in London help these children deal with their traumas and learn positive coping strategies. This is crucial for restoring a sense of joy and wellbeing in their lives. 

Family Dynamics

Issues within the family, whether it’s moving abroad, parental separation, or a family member’s illness, can impact your child. 

Our psychologists are here to support your family in navigating these situations. Most times, what works for adults during life changes may not work for children or adolescents. 

For example, adults may learn to cope with change better than youngsters. Hence, your child Therapist may use specific and scientific tools like play therapy to help your kid adapt and evolve with the changes in your family. 

Academic and Developmental Growth

If your child is having difficulties in academic settings or with developmental milestones (like challenges in verbal expression or understanding), child therapy can be highly beneficial. 

Consulting with a child counsellor can help your child identify and overcome any educational challenges in a supportive atmosphere. 

Indicators that your child might benefit from seeing a UK psychologist include: 

  • Trouble in forming or maintaining relationships
  • Frequent and extreme shifts in mood or behaviour
  • Deterioration in academic or extracurricular performance (when compared to their previous performance)
  • Persistent worry or fear
  • Sleep disturbances or irregularities
  • Aggressive, self-defeating actions and maladaptive behaviour

How Can TYHO Counsellors Help You?

How do I know if my child needs help?

Children and adolescents may have a lot of problems – yet they may find it hard to communicate or express what exactly is going on with their personal and academic lives.

As a result, certain actions or thought processes may indicate a more serious issue rather than merely a passing stage.

Thus, we recommend you seek professional guidance if you observe any atypical behaviours or thought patterns in your child. 

Below are some of the signs to look out for: 

  • Persistent feelings of sadness or isolation: Particularly in their teenage years, children might exhibit frequent mood fluctuations and occasional gloominess. However, if your child persistently appears gloomy, agitated, and isolated without a clear reason, it could be a sign of a deeper struggle.
  • Abrupt shifts in academic performance: Children vary in their learning abilities and cognitive strengths. It’s crucial to look for sudden changes in engagement rather than judging their usual academic capabilities. For example, if your child’s interest in schoolwork declines sharply (especially if they were previously enthusiastic) or express reluctance to attend school (ie faking sickness), you may want to give more attention to their mental health.
  • Altered sleeping or eating patterns: Changes or disruptions in your child’s sleeping habits (like difficulties in sleeping or oversleeping) or significant differences in their eating habits could indicate an underlying problem. For example, research shows that youth who have depression usually consume excessive sweet snack foods. 
  • Overwhelming emotions: If your child experiences intense feelings of panic, nervousness, or anxiety that affect their participation in previously enjoyable activities, they might need help.
  • Problems with focus: Trouble with staying focused or excessive impulsive behaviour (ie taking sick leaves too often) in your child could be a sign that they need help.
What conditions do child counsellors treat?

Online child counsellors in London have the expertise to manage and address several issues that children might face. 

The below list is not exhaustive. To see all the issues a Therapist in London can help with, please visit this page:

Here, you can visit each child Therapist’s profile and review all the issues they specialise in. 

Additionally, you can also see a list of therapeutic approaches the professionals use and their personal backgrounds. 

In general, below are some of the common issues child counsellors at TYHO can address:

  • Parental separation and divorce
  • Issues with friendships
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Family relationships
  • Sibling rivalry
  • School and academic challenges
  • Exam pressure
  • Anger management
  • Fear of failure
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Transition issues
  • Issues with sex or gender
  • Social anxiety
  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Specific phobias
  • Depression
  • Maladaptive habits
  • Trauma and abuse
How to find the right child psychologist?

Before your first therapy session with your child, you may find it helpful to write down:

  • Your concerns and presenting problems
  • Specific distressing emotional or behavioural changes you’ve observed in your child recently
  • Your personal problems

The information you bring to your first session can provide a bigger picture to the child Therapist in London.

Further, you can also have a conversation with parents who have experienced similar situations or seek support from loved ones about where to begin. 

You may be worried about whether the Therapist is a good fit for your child and if the professional can truly understand all aspects of your child’s identity. 

For example, your child may have issues with therapy, such as:

  • Fear of judgement 
  • Fear of being misinterpreted
  • Fear that the Therapist may share their details with all the family members.
  • The need to defend or change personal beliefs for the sake of validation 
  • Worry that their current lifestyle may be criticised

All these apprehensions are common, and you can provide unconditional love and support to your child at this time. 

Let your kid know that you are with them in this and that all their emotions are valid. 

To find the best child behaviour specialist in London, reflect on some of the points given below:

  • Is your child Therapist unbiased and receptive? 
  • Does your Therapist avoid making any assumptions about your child?

Additionally, at TYHO, you can also check if the UK online Therapist has expertise in issues that your child faces.

If the Therapist has extensive experience in dealing with similar problems, your child may feel more at ease.

If you still think that the Therapist is not the right fit, feel free to change the professional!  

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Child counsellors in London

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can a child start counselling?

Kids as young as 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds can start child counselling in London.

At this age, children make sense of their world through play and can’t always articulate their emotions and thoughts into words. Hence, it might be helpful if the parent attends the session along with the kid. 

However, play therapy is an effective option for children at this age; hence, your child Therapist can decide if they want to see your child individually or along with a parent. 

Children around the ages of 7-9 usually can attend therapy by themselves as they are able to understand emotive language. 

7-year old kids are more independent and can verbalise what they are feeling – in fact, these kids also have more advanced thinking skills. 

Hence, for children around 7 years and above, child counsellors in London may start using CBT and other evidence-based approaches such as motivational interviewing. 

How much is child therapy in the UK?

Online child therapy in the UK costs 95 USD at TYHO. 

The price may vary based on discount packages. Reach out to us via email at [email protected] or WhatsApp us if you have any questions! 

How to find the best child psychologist in London?

To find the best child psychologist in London, visit each professional’s full profile at TYHO.

In their profile, you can access information such as:

  • Academic background
  • Clinical expertise
  • Area of interest
  • Certifications and clinical training
  • Therapeutic approach
  • Shirt videos and information on therapy style
  • Languages they can speak
  • Personal interest and hobbies

Based on the information above, you can find the right counsellor for your child. 

You can also attend 2-3 therapy sessions online and gauge your interest. Ask your child if they feel comfortable talking to the Therapist.

If you or your child does not feel comfortable, feel free to look for another child Therapist.

Finding the right fit may take some time, as you may have to consider several factors. 

Below are some positive signs that your child Therapist might be right for you:

  • Your child feels comfortable talking about any subject
  • Your child looks forward to therapy sessions
  • Your child actively participates in therapy exercises such as play therapy
  • Your child Therapist maintains an appropriate boundary with your child
  • Your child copes with their emotions much better, especially after a few weeks of consistent sessions
How is family therapy in London different from child therapy?

Family therapy in London is a type of talk therapy where you can seek help for:

  • Issues in your family 
  • Communication issues
  • Improving parent-sibling relationship
  • Developing healthy ways of expressing your feelings
  • Setting boundaries with your family

On the other hand, child therapy in London can help your child cope with their personal issues that may or may not be linked to family dynamics. 

We recommend family therapy if you wish to improve the bond and relationship with all your family members. 

We recommend child therapy to help your child overcome personal or academic issues.