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At TYHO, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive the highest quality service. In fact, 98% of our clients would gladly recommend TYHO to others.

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We encourage you to visit each TYHO counsellor’s profile. We have counsellors in Malaysia who offer both audio and video online therapy sessions. 

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Malaysia therapist Sandya - TYHO


Professional Counsellor
Sandya works with children, adolescents and individuals facing anxiety, stress, depression, LGBTQ issues, and relationship issues…
starting from RM 90

Nur Syafiqa

Clinical Psychologist

Nur Syafiqa works with adolescents and adults facing anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, grief, and life transitions.

starting from RM 120

Shi Joe

Shi Joe works with young adults and individuals facing anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, loneliness, and work-related stress.

starting from RM 90
Malaysia Counsellor JT - TYHO


Professional Counsellor

JT works with individuals and couples from various age backgrounds facing anxiety, stress, depression, anger management, and trauma.

starting from RM 120

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How Counselling Works on TYHO

Counselling in Malaysia

Choose Your Counsellor

Read each counsellor’s specialisation, expertise, approaches, and interests in their full profiles. Watch their short videos to see if they are the right fit for you. You can also read our client reviews to make an informed decision. 

Counsellors in Malaysia

Book a Session

Click the ‘Book a Session’ button on your shortlisted counsellor’s profile. Here, you can choose the type of service, medium and date. You can view the price and availability of your counsellor before booking a session.

Counsellors in Malaysia

Start Therapy

Create an account with TYHO to view and manage your bookings. You can fill out the Intake Form and prepare questions for your first therapy session. You will work with your counsellor with a Therapeutic Plan and a structured program. 

Why Counselling With TYHO?

Use our user-friendly platform to filter counsellors in Malaysia based on issues they can help with, gender, and languages they speak. We also provide information to improve your therapy experience with us.

Unmatched Counsellor Expertise

TYHO counsellors have a minimum of a master's in counselling or clinical psychology. All are registered with the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (LKM).

Flexibility in Scheduling

We work around your schedule and provide sessions even after hours and on weekends. In fact, you can book a session with us on the same day.

Satisfaction Rate

Quality counselling is our promise. Our research shows that 88% of clients find our services to be the defining feature of TYHO.

User-Friendly Online Platform

Our accessible platform allows you to navigate easily. You can even manage all your bookings on your dashboard without downloading another app.

Multilingual Counsellors

TYHO counsellors in Malaysia come from diverse backgrounds and can speak multiple languages, including English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, Cantonese, and more.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We use secure servers and protect your payment transactions. TYHO counsellors are highly ethical and will keep your personal and therapy information confidential.

Counselling in Malaysia: Introduction

What is counselling?

At TYHO, counselling is a space where you can talk about your personal or professional issues, such as burnout, conflicts, mood swings and relationship issues (note: couples counselling may help with this) in a non-judgemental environment. 

TYHO counsellors in Malaysia are qualified with a minimum of a master’s in counselling or clinical psychology. Most also have specialised training in approaches such as schema therapy and solution-focused brief therapy. 

Your counsellor will work with you to understand why you react the way you do. The role of a counsellor is not to provide you with advice. 

Instead, counsellors use therapeutic tools such as interoceptive exposure (guided exposure to bodily sensations, beliefs, and thoughts) to help you identify your problems and why the issues cause you distress. 

The main aim of counselling in Malaysia is to help you acquire skills that you can use to cope with problems even after you stop taking therapy with us.

Your counsellor will also create an action or therapeutic plan based on your therapy and life goals and decide on the timelines and steps to achieve them. 

You can choose any mode of counselling you prefer. At TYHO, we offer online  video and audio sessions. 

You can book a video session if you would like to see your counsellor. This mode of communication offers your counsellors options to employ therapeutic modalities which require face-to-face interaction such as Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (ie EMDR) therapy.

You can also book a session and attend therapy using audio only. Audio sessions are preferred for clients who opt for relative anonymity (ie who would like to keep their cameras off). 

Online counselling in Malaysia is a popular option because it is affordable, accessible, and just as effective as in-person counselling. 

TYHO counsellors take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. However, your counsellor may be legally obligated for contacting your emergency contact person during crisis situations. 

How do I know whether to go for counselling?

Below are some signs and indications that you might need professional help. 

Reach out to TYHO counsellors in Malaysia if you:

  • Want to improve your habits but don’t know where or how to start
  • No longer enjoy activities you previously liked
  • Find it hard to manage your emotions
  • Are not performing well in school, college or work
  • Have difficulty falling asleep or waking up
  • Experience persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or anger 
  • Notice drastic changes in appetite
  • Struggle to develop and maintain relationships with your loved ones
  • Have had a history of emotional or physical abuse and trauma
  • Are grieving and feeling lonely and alone in the process

Counsellors at TYHO can help you express your emotions in a healthy way and provide you with clarity and a fresh perspective on your life and growth.  

What are the common goals of counselling in Malaysia?

At TYHO, we prioritise you and believe that you are the best judge of your life. TYHO counsellors align with our values and can help you improve your mood, verbal communication skills, connect with people and become more assertive.

One of the main goals of counselling at TYHO is to provide you with short-term and long-term support. 

You can receive therapy for a short time if you need help with an immediate problem, such as conflicts with co-workers, a decrease in your academic or work performance and major life changes, such as moving to a different country. 

On the other hand, you can choose long-term therapy if you would like to explore the impact of your childhood experiences on your current thoughts and behaviour patterns. 

Since growth is not a linear process, you may notice yourself slipping into unhelpful patterns now and then. This is completely okay. With long-term support, counsellors will stay with you whenever you need their support. 

Stigma Surrounding Mental Health in Malaysia

Like in most countries, in Malaysia, the conversation around mental health remains a stigma and is often misunderstood. 

Nearly 1 in 3 people in Malaysia struggle with some type of mental disorder. However, research shows that most of the people are not diagnosed. 

The same research also notes that most Malaysians do not receive the mental health support they require and, hence, develop complications and, in severe cases, get hospitalised.

Moreover, the stigmatisation of mental health issues makes us think that seeking professional therapy in Malaysia is a sign of weakness or a failure on our part. 

At TYHO, we are here to provide you with well-researched information on mental health and high-quality services. Help is available, and seeking support is a brave first step.  

Statistics on Mental Health Issues in Malaysia

Read to find out important data about mental health problems in Malaysia. 

  • In 2015, a survey conducted by the Malaysian National Health and Morbidity Survey found that the mental health issues adults face rose from 10.7% in 1996 to almost 29.3% in 2015. 
  • The survey also said that in 2019, 12.1% of Malaysian teenagers had some kind of mental health issues. Additionally, around 500,000 young adults in Malaysia had depression. 
  • According to the report, many Malaysians avoid therapy due to stigma, discrimination, and misinformation.  

How Can Counselling in Malaysia Help You?

What are the common issues treated in counselling?

Research shows that Malaysians commonly experience depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

If you have ever struggled with the above issues or more, know that you are not alone. TYHO counsellors in Malaysia are aware of the unique challenges Malaysians face. 

Some of the common issues that our counsellors can help with include: 

How to prepare for your first therapy session?

Booking your first therapy session can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what to expect or how to prepare. 

The therapist-client relationship is essential for the effectiveness of therapy. Hence, review suitable TYHO Therapists’ profile and find someone you can genuinely connect with. 

Please note that we collectively use the term ‘Therapists’ to refer to our counsellors, psychologists, and psychotherapists in Malaysia

Finding someone who is the right match for you can take some time, so we encourage you to be patient and compassionate to yourself during your shortlisting.

During sessions, a common question your counsellor may ask is the ‘why therapy’ – your reason to seek help. Try to determine your reasons and articulate your thoughts even before the session.

To do so, set aside time for 10 to 15 minutes to think about your reasons for going to therapy. It might help to buy a notebook separately for your sessions, as you may also have to work on therapeutic exercises in the future. 

While writing your reasons, try to focus on the end goals of therapy. Write about:

The above two points would essentially come down to your issue and why you want to overcome or manage it. 

Similarly, you can also list issues and topics you want to ask or cover with your counsellor in Malaysia. Some points to consider can include: 

  • Issues you are currently facing, such as low self-esteem or anxiety
  • Recent changes in your life that made you seek therapy (eg moving out)
  • Your current and past coping mechanisms (eg what did you do previously to cope with unhealthy thought patterns?)
  • Observations from your loved ones about your moods and emotions
  • How long have you experienced these issues? (eg did you only notice it recently, or have you experienced anxiety for a long time?)
Why should I go for counselling?

TYHO Therapists use several different types of therapies based on your issues, the intensity of the problem, their specialisations, and your therapy goals.

Do note that the therapeutic approach will be decided after you work with your Therapist and identify the issues together with them. 

In some cases, Therapists may use only one type of approach to help with a condition. For example, people with BPD (borderline personality disorder) may benefit from dialectic behavioural therapy (DBT). Therapists may use tools like distress tolerance from DBT to teach new and effective ways of tolerating stressful situations without engaging in self-destructive habits.

On the other hand, your Therapist may draw from several approaches (eg narrative therapy & person-centred therapy) to help with emotional difficulties, stress, family issues, relationship issues, trauma, and depression. 

Please note that different mental health professionals may use different approaches. For example, child psychologists in Malaysia may use play therapy (eg drawing or painting to help children manage and express their feelings).

In general, however, below are some of the common types of approaches TYHO Therapists use in Malaysia:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Eclectic Therapy
  • Inner Child Work
  • Resilience-Building Intervention (RBI)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy
  • Person-Centred Therapy (PCT)
  • Trauma-Focused therapy

Moreover, we offer several therapy services, such as:

counselling in Singapore
Counselling in Malaysia

Counselling in Malaysia: What to Expect

At TYHO, counselling in Malaysia typically lasts one hour (except for introductory sessions, which are half an hour long). Usually, our clients prefer having one session per week. However, you can decide the frequency of therapy sessions with your counsellor based on your needs and therapy goals.

During the initial few sessions, you can gauge your feelings about your counsellor and decide whether to continue seeing them. 

If after two or three sessions you do not feel comfortable, feel free to try someone else. Remember that you can change your counsellor even after several number of sessions. 

There are no rules regarding when you can change or look for another professional. A good Therapist will work with you and prioritise your needs and ideas before anything else. 

All TYHO counsellors in Malaysia use a client-centric and inclusive approach. 

In this section, we will share information about what you can expect during counselling at TYHO. Keep reading to find information on:

  • Your first therapy session
  • Assessing your problems
  • Understanding therapy goals

During your first therapy sessions, you can expect to talk about:

  • Your reasons for seeking help 
  • What kind of issues you are facing
  • The intensity and duration of your problems
  • Your medical and mental health history 
  • Family background
  • Your childhood experiences
  • Education and work experience
  • Current relationships
  • Therapy and long-term life goals

Please note that you do not have to prepare answers to all the questions beforehand. However, it may be helpful to focus on important questions, such as your reasons for seeking help and future goals.

Your counsellor will ask questions based on the above topics to better understand you and build a rapport. 

Creating a positive relationship with your counsellor will give them a full picture of your experiences and will aid the process of therapy. 

Some steps you can take to contribute to rapport-building during therapy can include: 

  • Answering questions honestly
  • Talking about any life experiences that may help the counsellor understand you better
  • Asking questions related to your counsellor’s experience and about therapy in general 
  • Clarifying and understanding your counsellor’s therapeutic approach 

After your first session, your counsellor will work with you to identify and explore your problems. 

To do this, your counsellor may use several methods, such as Person-Centred Therapy (PCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT).

Some tools, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), maybe more direct and straightforward. For example, your counsellor will teach you skills like cognitive restructuring (replacing negative thoughts with facts/helpful information) to help you solve your problems.

Alternatively, counsellors may use relations techniques from EFT to help you explore your problems in-depth. Relational tools include establishing therapeutic alliances such as creating and writing your goals step-by-step, learning specific skills related to your issues and personality, and so on. 

During the following sessions, how much you get out of therapy will usually depend on how much work you put into it. 

For example, your counsellor will assign you therapy homework or ask you to engage in therapeutic exercises like tracking your mood and emotions. 

You will notice an improvement in your life as you apply your skills outside therapy. 

Your counsellor will also guide you and support you whenever you feel like you might need more help with learning certain tools. 

Setting therapy goals will take place during the first sessions and even the following sessions of therapy. 

Goal setting is a long-term process, and your counsellor will help you achieve your goals and adapt to them as and when necessary. 

Remember that therapy is designed in such a way as to provide you with long-term solutions rather than a quick fix.

Any change you want to experience in your life will take time and effort. Your commitment to attending counselling sessions will help you progress consistently. 

The most common goals of counselling at TYHO include:

  • Facilitating emotional and behavioural change
  • Helping improve your ability to develop and maintain relationships
  • Improving your skills and abilities to cope with problems 
  • Helping you make better decisions in life 
  • Improving your overall development and quality of life

The five goals are the foundation and guidelines counsellors may use to help you make positive changes. 

Do note that TYHO psychotherapists and psychologists in Malaysia also use a similar approach while providing therapy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a counsellor?

You can choose a counsellor at TYHO by visiting their full profiles. 

In the full profiles, you can read about the counsellor’s description, specialisation, memberships, expertise, and more. 

Under the ‘What Therapist Can Help With’ section, you can see the different types of issues they can help with. 

Similarly, you can also see the therapeutic approaches they use. Our counsellors also discuss their interests, the languages they know, and their backgrounds in their descriptions. 

Lastly, you can watch their short videos to determine if you like their style. 

The most important thing is to pick someone you feel comfortable with. Some people also try therapy with a few different professionals before sticking with someone. 

Once you shortlist your counsellor, you can book a session with them and start therapy!

Click the link below to find all TYHO counsellors in Malaysia. 

Get Started 

How is counselling in Malaysia different from therapy?

At TYHO, we collectively refer to our professional counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists as ‘Therapists’. 

We use therapy and counselling interchangeably. This is because TYHO professionals all have similar qualifications (minimum of master’s in counselling or clinical psychology) and have experience with treating a wide range of mental health issues. 

Hence, choosing a specific type of professional on our platform is not necessary.

In general, however, counselling in Malaysia refers to talk therapy. Counsellors can help you identify your problems and use various approaches (for example, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)) to improve your habits and manage your emotions. 

On the other hand, during therapy, your Therapist may draw from several tools such as art, music, and even physical movement to help you with your problems. 

Regardless of these subtle differences, try selecting a Therapist based on your goals and needs. 

Please reach out to us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us (clicking on the icon below) if you have any questions or need help selecting a Therapist.

You can click the link below to see all our Therapists in Malaysia. 

Therapists in Malaysia 

What types of counselling sessions are there?

TYHO provides several mental health services, such as:

You can visit the profiles of TYHO Therapists in Malaysia to check if they provide the above counselling services. 

We have counsellors in Malaysia who provide both online audio and video sessions. We encourage you to go for video counselling sessions if you are unsure what to select.

Seeing your counsellor on screen can make your sessions more personal. Moreover, your counsellor can also get the full picture of your problems, observe your body language, and provide more holistic support. 

At the same time, audio sessions also have their own benefits. You can stay relatively anonymous yet receive the same quality service as you would from a video session! 

When should I see a counsellor?

People usually seek therapy only if they have severe problems. While that is a completely valid reason to seek counselling, therapy is much more flexible than that. 

You can see a counsellor in Malaysia even if your issues are not severe. For example, you can seek therapy if you:

  • Want to improve your self-awareness
  • Gain clarity on your thought process
  • Learn how to set boundaries assertively 
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your life
  • Improve your habits 

Similarly, a common goal for couples or family members during couples counselling in Malaysia is to improve their communication skills and understand each other better.

Everybody is unique, and the issues we face are equally unique and challenging. 

If something is important enough for you and you want to talk about it, then it is a valid reason to seek therapy. 

We provide counselling for people of different ages and from all walks of life.  

What is the cost of counselling in Malaysia?

The costs may vary slightly based on the services. At TYHO, our half hour introductory therapy sessions start from RM 90. 

On the other hand, one hour ‘Individual’ counselling sessions start from RM 180. Your sessions will include quality services, access to free resources, and a personalised therapeutic plan. Please note that couples counselling may cost slightly higher. 

You can also save money if you purchase sessions in bulk. 

To see more information about discounts and prices, please visit the link below.

Pricing Page  

Can I go for free online counselling in Malaysia?

You can check if your company offers EAP programs if you are employed. 

At TYHO, we offer EAP services to companies of all sizes. Our program can give you access to partially subsidised online counselling sessions. 

You can gain access to all our features and workshops. If your company does not have an EAP program, feel free to refer them to the link below! 

Employee Assistance Program 

How long does counselling last?

Every counselling session at TYHO lasts for one hour. 

The duration of therapy also applies to couples counselling and family counselling. 

However, your counsellor will work with you to determine how many sessions you need.

Initially, most of our clients start out with one session per week. The frequency of sessions allows our clients to stay in touch with their counsellor and progress much faster. 

Clients often book two back to back sessions if they are looking for longer sessions. 

If you have any particular preferences, please feel free to discuss them with your counsellor in Malaysia. 

Can I book a counselling session if I am not based in Malaysia?

Yes, you can! That is the beauty of online counselling; it can be attended from anywhere, anytime.

Make sure you have a good internet connection and that your device has enough battery to last for 60 minutes.

However, while booking online sessions, please be mindful of any time zone differences. It might help to convert your session timing to the relevant time zone before confirming your booking!

Is counselling confidential in Malaysia?

Yes, counselling at TYHO is completely private and confidential. 

Note: Your counsellor has an ethical and legal obligation to inform your emergency contact person if they believe you are at risk of harming yourself or others. 

Not ready for counselling just yet?

No worries! At TYHO, we’re dedicated to creating a safe space where you can explore every part of yourself.

While you take your time, we invite you to be part of our community. Here, we share valuable content through blog posts and provide free resources through fun and engaging events!

Counselling Malaysia: TYHO community

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