Couples Therapy in London

Couples Therapy in London

How Couples Therapy Works on TYHO

Couple therapy in London

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Couple therapy in London

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Select ‘Book a Session’ on your counsellor’s profile – choose the medium, service, and date to view the cost and availability. Create a TYHO account to confirm your booking.

Couple therapy in London

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What You’ll Get From Couples Therapy in London

Prioritise Accountability

TYHO counsellors use tools like scale questioning to help you and your partner stay accountable without taking sides.

Foster Mutual Respect

Our counsellors use tools like the Gottman Method to increase mutual respect, commitment, and trust in your relationship.

Explore Intimacy

TYHO counsellors specialise in couples' emotional and sexual issues. Learn love mapping exercises to explore intimacy with your partner.

Prevent Conflicts

Couples Therapists use solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) to help set goals, create timelines and prevent future conflict.

Build Resilience

TYHO counsellors have years of experience helping couples using empathy, open-mindedness, and understanding to get them back on track.

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Types of Relationship Counselling in London

Couples Counsellors in London Couples

Any couple, be it in a live-in relationship, marriage, monogamous or polyamorous – and whether they are straight, gay, or queer – can struggle to feel positive and happy in a relationship all the time. 

Below are some questions you can reflect on to see if you need couples therapy: 

  • Are you struggling to share your needs and desires in your relationship? 
  • Do you notice engaging in the same arguments over and over with your partner?
  • Do past relationship issues cause any complications in your present one?
  • Are you struggling to understand your partner? Or do you feel like your partner speaks a completely different language and can’t communicate properly? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above questions, couples therapy in London can help you identify the exact problem and find the solution for any conflicts.

Couples who visit an online couples counsellor in the UK tend to think about ‘their story’ and hope that the counsellor will take ‘their side’ in the relationship.

However, your couples Therapist will encourage both you and your partner to realise that the ‘client’ during therapy is your ‘relationship’ – and that you are all there with the Therapist to help it.

Hence, couples counsellors at TYHO will refrain from ‘taking sides’ during your therapy sessions. 

At TYHO, our couples Therapists may use the latest scientific tools, such as the Gottman method, to help you with various issues. Some of the problems you can manage through therapy include: 

  • One or both partners struggling with a psychological condition (eg post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Experiencing long-lasting grief
  • Issues with sexual or emotional intimacy 
  • Communication issues
  • Sex-related problems (eg Exhibitionistic disorder)
  • Lack of trust and openness
  • Infidelity
  • Manipulative or controlling behaviours
  • Loneliness in the relationship
  • Work-related stress
Couples Therapists London LGBTQI+

At TYHO, we provide nonjudgmental, affirmative, and inclusive couples counselling for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other sexuality- and gender-diverse people.

According to 2018 research:

  • Queer people are less satisfied with their life than the general UK population.
  • More than two-thirds of the LGBTQI+ population said that they fear holding hands with a same-sex partner due to negative reactions (ie bullying, harassment) from others. 
  • Lastly, nearly two in five queer people experience verbal harassment or physical violence because they are LGBTQI+. 

Although many people in the LGBTQI+ community lead happy lives with their partners, current research shows that a disproportionate number of them have poorer mental health compared to their peers. 

The same research also shows that almost nine in ten people do not report any hate crimes simply because they believe that ‘it happens all the time’. 

Hence, we at TYHO understand that seeking mental health support can be anxiety-inducing – especially if it’s your first time or if you do not have the required social support. 

TYHO couples Therapists align with our core values (open-mindedness, non-judgmentalism, inclusivity) and will provide you with an informed and client-centred space to talk about your problems. 

In other words, the therapeutic relationship with your Therapist at TYHO will revolve around understanding, unconditional support, and affirmation – rather than being uncertain about allyship (ie being an ally, supporting a person or community) or inclusivity. 

Through LGBTQI+ counselling at TYHO, you can talk about broader issues such as:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Grief
  • Family issues
  • Parental or caregiver stress
  • Childhood trauma
  • Sex and intimacy issues

On the other hand, you can also seek help for problems exclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community, such as:

  • Sexuality
  • Gender identity
  • Dysphoria
  • Coming out
  • Childhood or current experiences of homophobia or transphobia
  • Hate crimes (ie targeted bullying, discrimination, or harassment)
  • Trauma-related to sex or gender
  • Difficulties at workplace, university, school, or other communities
Couples Counsellors in London Relationship

Relationship counselling is a kind of talk therapy or psychotherapy. At TYHO, our relationship counsellors help couples identify and solve problems that affect several areas of life, including:

  • Family
  • Work
  • Academics 
  • Friendships

Most times, people assume that relationship counselling is only for those couples who struggle to maintain their relationship or the couples themselves are perceived as a failure.

There is an established assumption in society that by asking for help, the romantic relationship is far beyond saving – or it’s already over. 

However, this is not true. When and if you decide to seek relationship counselling, your Therapist in London will help you explore the root causes of the problem or the catalyst leading to several issues in your relationship. 

For example, a person may always argue with their partner but may not know how to communicate constructively. This does not always mean that the two people are ‘not right’ for each other. 

Frequent arguments from only one party could mean that the person may have low self-esteem or perhaps have experienced neglect and dismissal in their previous relationship – or even in their childhood. 

Relationship counselling in London provides you with the appropriate and practical tools necessary to face all the issues in your life. 

At TYHO, our relationship Therapists can help you with:

  • Trust issues
  • Manipulation or controlling actions
  • Negative patterns (eg arguments, invalidation, blaming)
  • Lack of communication and honesty
  • Lack of mutual support
  • Dealing with a jealous or narcissistic partner
  • Having less or no sexual attraction
  • Unrealistic expectations from each other

Issues People Seek Couples Therapy For

How does couples therapy help?

It can be difficult if you are in a relationship where you fight or struggle to communicate every day. More so if your problems are affecting your and your partner’s mental health. 

If you don’t notice elements like trust, transparency, warmth, affection and open communication in your relationship, it can strain all those involved. 

According to research published by The Gottman Institute, only 19% of couples go for couples counselling. 

The same study also revealed that couples typically delay seeking professional support for their relationship issues for an average of six years. 

One major barrier to seeking help is the societal stigma and perceived shame associated with mental health, especially couple’s mental wellness. 

Nonetheless, preliminary studies indicate that nearly 70% of couples who go for in-person or online counselling in the UK observe significant and long-lasting improvements. 

Further, the progress they make during couples therapy is consistent and persists even long after therapy ends. 

Please note that your issue does not have to be severe. You can seek help at any stage in your relationship. 

Below are some key signs that you or your partner might find online couples counselling in London beneficial:

  • Persistent conflicts and unhealthy communication habits
  • Feelings of emotional detachment or isolation
  • Lack of love and affection (for example, no longer feeling love towards your partner)
  • Neglecting or overlooking your partner’s emotional needs
  • Overdependence or excessive avoidance (for instance, dealing with anxious attachment styles)
  • Reduced sexual interest and lack of physical closeness
  • Challenges due to abusive behaviours, non-consensual relationships, and addictions (such as gambling, alcohol, or shopping)
  • Issues with a narcissistic partner
  • Regular disagreements over financial matters and household responsibilities
  • Persistent, unaddressed anxiety or depressive moods
  • Trust issues with your partner, possibly rooted in past traumatic experiences
What are the benefits of couples therapy?

At TYHO, couples therapy in London can guide you to identify the root causes of your issues. 

Your psychologist in London will work with you on evidence-based tools like love mapping (ie getting to know each other through mapping out qualities) to help you:

  • Create actionable steps
  • Set realistic couple goals
  • Develop a joyful and satisfying future together

During couples therapy, your counsellor will also help you:

  • Learn effective techniques to reduce or prevent conflicts
  • Create a more profound sense of trust and understanding
  • Explore the unique dynamics between genders that can lead to misunderstandings and learn how to solve them
  • Understand your partner’s communication style (eg to ‘decode’ their ‘true message’)
  • Acquire skills to prepare for significant life transitions (eg pre-marital counselling)
  •  Find out how to heal and develop trust 
  • Successfully move forward from infidelity or cheating in your relationship
  • Move on from your ex-partner
  • Adopt effective tools to understand and meet each other’s needs
  • Discover easy ways to rekindle joy, excitement, affection, passion
What if my partner doesn't want to attend?

A partner not wanting to seek couples therapy in London is quite common. 

If your partner is hesitant to talk about your issues in a professional space or if they simply do not want to attend psychotherapy, you can first start to have a calm discussion about it. 

Share your reasons for wanting to pursue therapy and how you believe it can positively impact both of you.

Stress more on how your need/idea for therapy does not in any way directly relate to your partner’s behaviour. 

Instead, let them know that you would like to get couples therapy in London to improve the overall well-being of the relationship.

If your partner is still not convinced, you can suggest trying just one or three therapy sessions. 

Your partner can think of these initial sessions as trial and error – and during this time, assure them that there is absolutely no obligation to continue counselling. 

During the initial sessions, try to talk about your partner’s hesitation to seek therapy. Further, you can also ask any question to the Therapist in the UK

Your online couples Therapist will be happy to answer your questions and clarify any misconceptions about the process. 

Alternatively, you can opt for individual counselling in London first. Discussing your own therapy journey can demystify the process for your partner and might encourage them to participate. 

However, if your partner worries about confidentiality or privacy – reassure them that at TYHO, we uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. 

Your information is safeguarded with secure systems and processes.

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Couples Therapists London at TYHO

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does couples therapy cost in the UK?

Online counselling at TYHO costs around 95 USD. 

The cost is the same for all TYHO services, including individual counselling, couples therapy, and family therapy. 

However, the price may vary based on discount packages (ie if you purchase online sessions in bulk). 

The cost of couples therapy in the UK applies to all the UK cities – including therapy in Birmingham, London, and Manchester.

How do I book couples therapy in London?

To book couples therapy in London, please visit this link:

Here, you can filter TYHO UK Therapists based on factors such as gender, language, services, and medium. 

For example, if you prefer to go to a couples counsellor who has experience with grief, you can select grief in the drop-down list. 

The results will present you with all the counsellors who can also provide grief counselling in London

Once you find someone you can truly connect with, you can directly book a session with the Therapist through their full profile. 

Moreover, we urge you to look into the details of each counsellor, including their:

  • Qualifications
  • Expertise
  • Certifications
  • Background
  • Interests
  • Languages
  • Therapeutic approaches

Do note that it can take some time to find the best match. Hence, we suggest attending therapy with someone at least 3 or 4 times before you decide to change your Therapist. 

Be assured that even if you decide to change your Therapist, the professional will not know and will not disclose any of your private information to other professionals. 

However, the only exception to this rule is if you prefer and consent to share your therapy notes with your new couples counsellor in London.

Lastly, at TYHO, we also provide couples therapy in east London and west London, therapy in north London, and couples counselling in Southeast London.

What kind of Therapist is best for couples?

The best kind of Therapist for couples depends on your needs and goals. 

At TYHO, we use the term ‘Therapists’ to refer to all mental health professionals, including couples Therapists, psychologists, and counsellors. 

All TYHO professionals come from diverse backgrounds and have expertise in their chosen areas. 

For example, we have psychotherapists in the UK who specialise in couples therapy, marriage counselling, and family therapy. 

You may benefit from a couples counsellor if you’re concerned about relationship issues. 

On the other hand, if you are specifically looking for pre-marital counselling or want to solve issues in your marriage, we would recommend UK marriage counsellors

Do note that at TYHO, all our Therapists are skilled in addressing several issues, such as arguments, disagreements, fights, avoidance, grief, depression, and so on. 

Hence, regardless of the type and intensity of your issue, all TYHO Therapists can help you overcome your problems and lead a joyful life with your partner. 

Should every couple go to couples therapy?

Ideally, every couple can benefit from couples therapy in London. Whether or not you face issues, couple counselling can help you:

  • Understand each other better
  • Create better boundaries and maintain them
  • Enhance the dynamic you share
  • Improve the overall quality and functionality of your relationship

Similarly, counselling can also help couples who deal with mental health challenges such as:

Moreover, you can also seek counselling if you want to:

  • Learn how to spend more time with your partner
  • Get to know your partner’s family and friends
  • Prepare for new phases in life (eg marriage or adopting a pet)
  • Navigate challenges in work and how they affect your dynamic

Therefore, couples counselling is not exclusive to those who face severe issues. 

Seeking professional support acts as an early intervention to prepare you for any future challenges that may arise. 

For example, you can attend online couples therapy and equip yourself with therapeutic tools. This is especially helpful if you prefer short-term therapy and want to prepare yourself to better handle conflicts. 

Couples therapy is for everyone, but not everyone ‘should’ attend it. If you want to prepare yourself for a new relationship or solve a problem – you may benefit from therapy. 

What percentage of couples remain together after therapy?

According to research, there is an overall decrease in mental distress for all parties in a relationship at the end of couples therapy in the UK. 

The same study also proved that there was a significant increase in relationship satisfaction for both partners after therapy. 

Lastly, the study showed that psychodynamic couples therapy is an effective intervention to help couples suffering from individual and relational distress.

Similarly, another study also found that nearly 66% of partners showed significant progress after couples counselling. 

Rather than having an end goal such as ‘staying together forever’ after couples therapy, what will help more is acknowledging that seeking support can make you self-reliant and confident to be in healthy relationships throughout your life. 

Can I have relationship counselling on my own?

Yes, you can have individual relationship counselling in London with us! 

Online relationship counselling is for a huge population – individuals, couples, spouses, working adults, siblings, parents, and so on. 

Couples counselling gives you a non-judgemental space to explore aspects of your life shaped by platonic and romantic relationships. 

For example, the relational experiences that you could explore during counselling could include: 

  • Communication
  • Post-breakup 
  • Future relationship decisions
  • Issues with parents or family members 
  • Exploration of relationship roles
  • Co-dependency
  • Struggle with assertiveness and confidence at work

Therefore, relationship counselling at TYHO does and can provide individual support. 

Is it too late for therapy?

It is never too late to start couples therapy! 

Couples therapy in London can help you with several types of issues, including and not limited to:

  • Solving issues in current relationship
  • Exploring past relationship traumas or distress
  • Preparing for marriage
  • Dealing with breakup 
  • Navigating divorce together as a couple
  • Moving on from unrequited love
  • Learning how to open up to people
  • Seeking new relationships
Will a couples therapist tell us what to do?

No, a couples Therapist will not tell you what to do. 

Couple counsellors in London are different from seeking advice from friends or family. 

For example, if you are arguing a lot with your partner and ask your friend for help, they may provide you with social support and share what they think will help fix your problems.

Although that may be helpful sometimes, it does not equal practical solutions that align with your values and beliefs.

Hence, at TYHO, rather than telling you what to do – your couples Therapist will work with you to:

  • Identify the areas you need to work on 
  • Develop a personalised therapeutic plan based on your needs
  • Teach you tools that align with your core values as a person 

Who are you seeking therapy for?

For myself

For someone else