LGBTQ individuals experience internalised homophobia when they feel shame and self-loathing towards their sexual orientation. It can cause a great deal of stress.

Internalised Homophobia

28 December 2021 This Article Contains: What is Internalised Homophobia? How Can Internalised Homophobia Affect a Person’s Health? What is Internalised Homophobia? What is internalised

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Films that accurately and sensitively capture the experience of individuals with depression can help us empathise with them, see them beyond their mental health condition, and learn to identify the symptoms of depression.

Movies About Depression

18 November 2021 Tags: movies, depression, mental health Depression is one of the most common mental disorders worldwide (World Health Organisation, 2021). It is also

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Dating someone with depression can be taxing at times. With the right knowledge and attitude, however, you can support your partner in meaningful ways.

Dating Someone With Depression

1 September 2021 Tags: depression, relationships, couples counselling  Dating someone with depression can be stressful at times. Perhaps you’ve tried different ways to help your

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