Depression Counselling

Depression is a mood disorder that negatively affects your daily life and disrupts your day-to-day activities. It can affect the way you think and act, cause intense feelings of sadness, and bring about a loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed. 

Some of the common reasons for developing depression are distressing life events, childhood experiences, bereavement, anger, or physical illnesses. Sometimes there are no obvious reasons why you feel an overwhelming sense of sadness; there could also be multiple reasons for depression. Fortunately, a professional can help uncover what is causing your depression, as well as help you work through those underlying issues.

Who is depression counselling for?

Depression Counselling Singapore

People who experience at least five symptoms of depression for more than two weeks should seek out professional help. Depression manifests itself differently amongst different people and can bring about symptoms ranging from low-energy and reclusiveness to suicidal thoughts.

Counselling can also be beneficial when depression is negatively affecting your relationships, career, interests, and overall sense of happiness in life. These include finding less satisfaction in your personal life and feeling a loss of purpose. Depression counselling can be useful for people who feel overwhelming sadness without any obvious explanations as well. 

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How can depression counselling help me?

Depression counselling can help with the following:

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Professional Counsellor

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