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90% improve their relationship after seeking couples therapy

Improving relationships is not always easy, but couples therapy in Singapore can be a huge guidance. 

If things get complicated between you and your partner, you might need an expert to help you navigate the situation without further causing harm. 

Couples therapy is about improving communication in relationships and resolving conflicts before they worsen. 

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In this article, we explore the two proven therapy tools for improving relationships and share how therapy can help improve your communication.

Improving Relationships: 2 Proven Therapy Tools

Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship requires hard work from both partners. You may love each other and want to spend time together, but you may become confused when you have to solve a conflict. 

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Hence, in this section, we share 2 main proven tips for improving relationships.

Understand Your Partner

Understanding your partner is the first step to improving your relationship. 

You may have to explore your partner’s thoughts and emotions without making assumptions or jumping to conclusions. 

For example, when we argue with our loved one, it can be quite easy to shift the blame on them. 

However, asking certain questions about their feelings helps make space for an honest conversation. In fact, understanding your partner can also avoid any future conflict. 

The shift of focus from blaming to seeking solutions together is important. 

During therapy in Singapore, you will learn to understand your partner better.

Understand Your Own Needs

Improving relationships also involves self-awareness. What are you feeling? What do you want to change? 

Identifying what you want and require as a partner can change how you interact with others. 

The more self-aware you are, the easier it is to express your needs, improve communication in relationships, and share your expectations. 

Similarly, try to reflect and identify your emotional triggers. When you identify your triggers and begin to avoid or overcome them – you may communicate more effectively.

A person sitting and journaling with a pen and notebook. The person is reflecting on their needs for improving relationships.

Therapy for Improving Communication in Relationships

Therapy in Singapore can help in improving communication in relationships. 

Through evidence-based tools like Gottman’s couples therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), your Therapist will teach you how to improve your skills. 

For example, CBT helps identify negative thought patterns (eg blaming or shifting blame) and replaces them with more realistic ones. 

At TYHO, among other skills, our Singapore couples Therapist can help you with the following:

  • Become an active listener
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Improve your emotional intelligence

Become an Active Listener

Therapy is a great resource that can help in improving relationships and active listening.

You may learn to listen actively during therapy sessions and improve your listening habits

Active listening is when you can wait for your turn to converse and truly hear what the other person is saying without overshadowing it with your thoughts. 

When you become an active listener, both you and your partner can feel important. However, remember that the effort should come from both sides. 

Hence, couples therapy in Singapore can help acknowledge the issues and make your relationship meaningful.

A person is talking to their partner and the partner is listening actively. Active listening can improve relationships.

90% improve their relationship after seeking couples therapy

Set Strong Boundaries

Another important key to improving relationships is learning how to set strong boundaries. 

An example of setting a boundary is learning to say ‘no’ without feeling bad, even if you’re saying no to your partner. 

During therapy sessions, your Therapist will teach you how to set boundaries while considering your and your partner’s needs. 

Remember that setting boundaries has more to do with what you can change about yourself than controlling or changing the other person. Boundaries are a way to ask people to treat you with respect. 

You also find that boundaries can change consistently. Sometimes, what worked before does not work, or your needs may change. That is okay. 

You may learn the flexibility of setting boundaries during therapy and not letting others take too much from you. 

The above point also applies to your romantic relationship. 

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You can improve communication in a relationship by setting clear boundaries about what you’d like to do, what you want to change, and your goals as a couple.

Build Emotional Intelligence

Therapy can be incredibly life-changing for couples looking to improve their relationship. 

If you and your partner have the same arguments frequently, you may hope to resolve conflicts before they blow up. 

Having emotional intelligence and identifying your and your partner’s emotions is a great way to avoid conflicts. 

During therapy, your Therapist in Singapore may teach you both to pause after an argument, understand your triggers, and express your feelings honestly. 

Therapy also helps you recognise what triggers the negative thoughts and feelings. As a couple, you may learn to understand your triggers as well as your partner’s. 

When you both work together to improve communication in the relationship, you can navigate difficult situations without hurting each other. 

Further, you and your partner can also get better at seeing things from each other’s perspective. 

You can improve your emotional intelligence and other skills such as:

  • Empathy 
  • Open communication
  • Honesty
  • Mutual respect

By learning to manage your emotions, you are not just increasing your social skills, but you may also work on improving relationships with your loved ones. 

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Improving relationships isn’t always easy, but couples therapy in Singapore can be incredibly helpful. When things get complicated, an expert can guide you through without causing more harm or triggering you or your partner.

Therapy focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts before they worsen. Key strategies include understanding your partner’s feelings and your own needs, becoming an active listener, setting strong boundaries, and building emotional intelligence. These skills help couples navigate tough situations, communicate better, and maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

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