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70% report success in therapy after finding the right therapist

Finding the right Therapist in Singapore can be easy when you know what to look for and how to assess the fit. 

In this article, we divide the process into five actionable steps you can take to find the right Therapist. 

The five steps are: Identifying your goals, reviewing profiles, choosing therapy modality, interviewing the Therapist, and checking your intuition and comfort levels. 

Before we dive into the article, we leave you with the most important tip on finding the right Therapist: Therapeutic Alliance. 

The relationship you build with your Therapist will become the key factor contributing to positive therapy outcomes

Without further ado, let’s look into the 5 simple steps of finding the right Therapist in Singapore!

Identify Your Goals for Therapy

Before you start therapy, you may need to know why you want professional help and what you expect to gain from therapy. 

For the above reasons, you may need to identify your therapy goals. Are you looking to cope with daily challenges like work-related stress and burnout

Do you want to fix your relationship with parents who gaslight? Or would you like to develop effective self-care habits?

Each Therapist at TYHO has a unique set of skills and specialisations. Hence, we urge you to list your thoughts about therapy before jumping to the next step. 

For some people, therapy goals might be overcoming symptoms of generalised anxiety or depression. In contrast, others may wish to become more equipped to handle difficult situations. 

In your notebook, list out any daily challenges you are facing and if you suspect that you may have a mental health disorder. 

Next, note down the changes you wish to see in yourself during or after therapy. Having clear expectations can help you find the right Therapist in Singapore.

Remember that if you struggle to identify your goals, that’s okay. Therapy is a process of exploration, and you may eventually gain clarity about your objectives over time.

Key Facts About Finding the Right Therapist

A 2022 study indicates that an average person may see three or more therapists before finding the right match.

The same survey also shows that 64% of people believe that patience is key to managing their mental health, and 70% believe that online counselling platforms make it easier to find the right therapist.

The study also shows that nearly 64% of people believe that finding the right therapist is essential to achieving positive therapy outcomes.

At TYHO, we provide transparent and detailed information about each of our Therapists. For example, you can review their full profiles and even watch short videos of Therapists before choosing someone.

Review Therapists’ Profiles

While finding a Therapist, you may come across several profiles on our website. 

In this step, we share more information on how you can navigate and review Therapist profiles. 

The key lies in identifying what you specifically need from therapy. The previous step (ie identifying therapy goals) can be useful while reviewing profiles. 

You can visit each TYHO Therapist’s profile to review all their information, including the Therapist’s:

  • Academic background and qualifications
  • Therapeutic expertise 
  • Gender
  • Languages they speak
  • Cultural background
  • Certifications and awards
  • Personal hobbies
  • Therapy styles and approach

Further, you can also watch each Therapist’s short videos to get to know them better. Click on the video icon below the Therapist’s picture to access their video. 

Finding a Therapist in Singapore also involves looking into their therapeutic approaches. In each Therapist profile, you will see a section called ’Therapeutic Approaches’. Here, you can review the list of approaches the Therapist uses during sessions. 

However, note that your Therapist may choose an approach based on their expertise and what works best for your unique issues. 

Finally, you may want to read the Therapist’s description to understand their cultural background and personal interests.

Sometimes, gaining a holistic view of an expert can help you find the right Therapist for your needs.

A person researching therapist profiles on a laptop for choosing the right therapist in Singapore.

Choose Your Modality

Finding a Therapist also involves choosing the right therapy modality. 

It is important to consider how you want to attend your sessions: online or in person. Both types of modalities have their own advantages!

At TYHO, we have Therapists in Singapore who offer both online and in-person therapy sessions.

On one hand, online therapy in Singapore is effective as you can access it from anywhere in the world. Online therapy is especially helpful if you are busy, cannot travel, or live far away from the Therapist’s home or centre. 

On the other hand, meeting a Therapist face-to-face can help you feel comfortable and safer. Your Therapist may also find it easier to observe patterns in your body language. 

Therefore, when finding a Therapist, think about what makes you comfortable, what kind of help you need, and how you like to talk to people.

70% report success in therapy after finding the right therapist

Interview the Therapist

After choosing your therapy modality, the key to finding a Therapist in Singapore is to interview them. 

Yes, you can and should ask your Therapist any questions you may have. TYHO Therapists are open-minded and will be happy to clarify your doubts. 

Asking questions can help you set your expectations and give you a glimpse into what your sessions might look like and how soon you can notice progress in your life. 

Below are some questions to consider asking your Therapist: 

  • How much experience do you have?
  • Have you helped others with issues similar to mine? 
  • What type of therapeutic approach do you use? 
  • How long will it take to notice changes?
  • What can I do if I don’t observe any progress in my life?
A client sitting on a sofa opposite to the therapist who is sitting in a chair. The client asks questions to determine the right Therapist for their needs.

Check Your Comfort Level With the Therapist

When looking for a Therapist in Singapore, you may want to check how comfortable you feel with them. 

You want to find a Therapist who listens to you actively, understands your issues, and avoids judging or overshadowing your opinions. 

To check your comfort levels, make sure you can talk about anything with your Therapist without feeling worried or awkward. Initially, it is common and normal to feel hesitant to open up. Hence, you may need to attend 3 to 4 sessions before you can gauge the fit. 

After each therapy session, try to reflect on your feelings. Do you feel relieved after opening up? Do you feel like your Therapist understands you? Do you feel validated? If you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions, you may have the right Therapist!

However, try not to worry too much about finding the perfect Therapist right away. It is okay to change your Therapist later if you’re not a great match. 

Visit our Singapore Therapist page to read more about our Therapist and our services. 

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Finding the right Therapist in Singapore can be straightforward and rewarding if you know what to look for and how to assess the fit.

To find the right Therapist at TYHO, try to identify your goals, review profiles based on your goals and preferences, choose your modality, talk to the Therapist initially to gauge the fit, and finally, check your comfort level based on how heard and validated you feel after a session.

Remember, the most important factor is the therapeutic alliance—the relationship you build with your Therapist. This connection plays a crucial role in the success of your therapy.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding a Therapist who meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Book a session with a qualified Therapist today!

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