Anger Management Counselling

Anger can be a healthy emotional response and when expressed appropriately, it motivates us to deal with unhappy situations. However, when we find it hard to control our anger or experience it too often, it can become problematic. Chronic anger can affect our decision-making, damage our relationship with those around us, and even impact our physical health.

There are many factors that can contribute to chronic anger. Some of these contributors are previous experiences of trauma that could trigger someone. Hereditary and environmental factors also play a part. Since there are multiple causes, it is common for an individual to be unaware of the reasons behind their angry outbursts.

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How can anger management counselling benefit me?

Professional counselling can help address deep-rooted issues that may be causing disproportionate anger or rage to triggers. It can be beneficial for individuals who feel like they have little control over their temper, and find that their anger is negatively affecting their quality of life.

Anger management therapy provides tools and techniques to manage anger in one’s daily life. Anger management counselling allows individuals to: 

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Anger issues rarely exist in isolation and can be caused by underlying mental health issues such as bipolar disorder. Unresolved, they can result in negative coping strategies such as alcohol or drug dependencies. Working with a counsellor to manage anger can greatly improve a person’s mental health and bring a sense of calm into a person’s life.

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