Anger Management Counselling

Feeling angry is natural and anger can be a healthy emotion. It is part of our fight-or-flight response to threatening or dangerous situations. However, when anger arises disproportionately to its trigger, it can impede decision-making, affect relationships, and cause harm to self and others.  

Who is Anger Management counselling for?

Anger management counselling can be beneficial for individuals who feel like they have little control over their temper, and that their anger is negatively affecting their quality of life. Left unchecked, anger can become destructive and lead to serious problems in personal relationships, at work, or with the law.

Anger management is important for individuals who often have outsized emotional responses to mild irritants, and whose anger negatively affects their relationships, leads to poor decisions, or incites behaviour that is violent or otherwise dangerous (to self and others).

Professional counselling can help address deep-rooted issues and provide tools and techniques to manage anger in one’s daily life. Anger management allows individuals to:

  • recognize early signs of anger and manage common trigger
  • maintain one’s composure and express their needs calmly
  • apply techniques to control and manage anger healthily

Anger issues rarely exist in isolation and can be caused by underlying mental health issues such as bipolar disorder. Unresolved, they can result in negative coping strategies such as alcohol or drug dependencies. Working with a counsellor to manage anger can greatly improve a person’s mental health and bring a sense of calm into a person’s life.

Do I need this? Some red flags to pay attention to...

  • Frequent feelings of needing to control anger
  • Losing temper often and easily over small incidences
  • Excessive road rage and reckless driving
  • Regular arguments with family, friends, or colleagues
  • Breaking or damaging objects in anger
  • Getting into physical fights or altercations
  • Trouble with the law
  • Threatening violence to others
  • Physically assaulting partner or child

Who on our platform can assist with this?

Professional Counsellor

Karen specialises in marriage counselling, and marriage preparation to build strong relationships.  

Professional Counsellor

Alice works with a range of clients on long term issues by using EMDR techniques for effective results.

Professional Counsellor

Lira works with local and expatriate clients, drawing on her multi-cultural and multi-lingual background.

Professional Counsellor

Edmund is very experienced in working with youth, and can assist with a broad range of issues. 

Professional Counsellor

Alyssa often works with young adults (professionals, students) and is comfortable with text based live chat.