How do I know if my sessions are working for me?

When we have been attending sessions for a while, it can feel almost like “I’m here, what’s next?” While it is normal to expect results fast, the simple fact is that progress takes time. To gauge if therapy is working for you, look out for these signs that suggest you are on the right track: > You begin to notice small changes in both your physical and mental health (eg better sleep, uplifted moods). Do keep in mind that therapy is not always linear and that sometimes you will have bad days or weeks. > You don’t dread sessions. You may even start looking forward to them! Opening up to a stranger can be uncomfortable initially, but over time you’ll realise that it is a dedicated time for you to be in touch with your inner world. > You feel respected and validated. A hallmark of therapy is being in a safe environment where your needs are heard. > You feel better equipped to manage bad days. After several sessions, you have developed a repertoire of coping skills to help you weather the storms. This can be an improvement in dealing with conflicts or even simply learning to prioritise yourself.

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