How do I select a suitable Therapist?

You may use the filters on our website to shortlist Therapists who best suit your needs. You may filter Therapists on the basis of issues you would like to seek support for, and any preferences you may have in terms of gender, language, service type, medium, and country.

You may also wish to go through their videos and individual profiles, including reviews for them, to learn more about their practice, background and approach to therapy. This allows you to gauge if they are a good fit before you book a session with them. A Therapist who may be right for one person may not be as suitable for another.

Please note that therapy can be a long term commitment. As such, having a Therapist who you feel you can open up to easily is important, as the quality of therapeutic alliance is a reliable predictor of positive outcomes for the client.

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Why do some Therapists charge a slightly higher fee?

Some Therapists have specialisations or possess specialist certifications (EMDR, Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, etc). These enable them to offer assistance to individuals who have more complex, serious issues (eg trauma, addiction, etc) where sessions may be longer and more demanding.

Regardless of Therapist category, all TYHO Therapists are selected through the same, strict selection process. They each have the right qualifications (min. Master’s degree) and professional training, and are also aligned with TYHO values.

Most importantly, we encourage clients to select the Therapist based on whether the Therapist will be a good fit for their needs, and whether they will be able to open up to the latter easily and speak about matters that may be deeply personal.

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