Counselling Services in Singapore

A therapist and a distressed client sit on a couch during a counselling service session in Singapore. The therapist holds a notebook.

Singapore is a country where the pace of life never seems to slow down. Finding a moment of peace or rest can, therefore, feel impossible. 

Moreover, personal issues such as lack of self-esteem, poor self-image, loneliness, and having no friends can increase emotional distress.

In fact, 2023 research conducted in Singapore showed that around 14.1% of Singaporean adults had depression, and 15.2% had symptoms of anxiety. 

The statistics show that it is more important than ever to find a professional space to improve our mental wellness. 

Choosing the Best Counselling Services

Choosing the best counselling services in Singapore is about seeking help and learning to live a more balanced life. 

In other words, counselling is for everyone. You can seek help to cope with a specific psychological issue or if you simply want more guidance and direction in your life.

At Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO), we understand the problems faced by individuals, couples, and families in Singapore. 

Our counselling services are designed to meet you where you are. Through the vast range of services, we hope to listen, understand, and help improve your overall wellbeing.

We provide various information to help you choose the right service for you. For example, you will find information about our Singapore counsellor’s qualifications, expertise, background, languages they speak, issues they help with, and so on.

Counselling Services in Singapore

Individual Counselling Services

During individual counselling, you will be talking one-on-one with a counsellor. We offer individual counselling services in Singapore through online or in-person sessions. 

TYHO counsellors can help with several issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, low self-esteem, life transitions etc. 

Counselling is also a space to find ways to deal with everyday challenges. For example, coping with loss or adjusting to a new life situation (ie adopting a pet or moving to a different place).

Whether you are an adult, teen, or child, we’ve got someone who can help. Visit our Singapore counselling page to get started.

Couples Counselling Services

During couples counselling, you and your partner will learn how to gain understanding and empathy towards each other. 

We offer couples counselling services in Singapore through online and in-person sessions. Your therapeutic plan will be designed based on your unique needs and problems. 

During sessions, you will learn how to set boundaries respectfully and express your needs clearly. 

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TYHO couples counsellors specialise in helping with issues such as lack of trust, communication gaps, frequent conflicts, and intimacy.

A couple sitting on a couch opposite to a therapist during couple counselling service in Singapore. The therapist is shaking hands with one of the couples.

Marriage Counselling Services

We offer the best counselling services in Singapore for couples who may wish to improve and work on their relationships.

At TYHO, we understand that every marriage faces unique challenges.

You may attend online or offline sessions with your spouse during marriage counselling.

Marriage counselling at TYHO will allow you to express your feelings safely.

You can expect to handle financial disagreements, parenting styles, emotional disconnect, and frequent arguments. 

You can gain insights into your marriage and work together with your spouse and counsellor towards a happy and healthy marriage.

Family Counselling Services

During family counselling, you can understand the unique dynamics that develop in your household. 

TYHO family counselling services in Singapore are available online and in person.

We understand that communication issues may arise due to conflicts or arguments in the family. 

Hence, through counselling, you can expect to deal with issues such as generational gaps, sibling rivalries, gaslighting parents, and lack of honest communication. 

Explore our best counselling services and discover how we can support your family’s journey towards better mental wellbeing.

A child gives a high five to a counsellor during counselling services in Singapore. The child is sitting along with their parents opposite to the therapist.

Child Counselling Services

Child counselling at TYHO is designed with your child in mind. Our approach is gentle and focuses on creating a safe environment where kids can express their feelings. 

During sessions, children can cope with issues such as bullying, learning difficulties, anxiety, and mood swings.

Children may engage in one-on-one conversations with our counsellors. Experts at TYHO use age-appropriate tools such as motivational interviewing (MI). 

MI is used to encourage children to open up about their feelings through open-ended questions. The counsellor may provide the validation the child needs to feel heard and understood.

Child counsellors may occasionally invite parents or guardians to join the sessions. Social support or having someone close nearby can help create a positive experience.

Counselling Services for Psychological Issues

At TYHO, we offer the best counselling services in Singapore to address various emotional and psychological challenges.

Do note that the below list is not exhaustive. 

In a counsellor’s full profile, you can find the specific issues they can help with. Get started here!

In a Singapore counselling service session, a counsellor sits on a chair and takes notes as a person lies down on a couch with their hands on their forehead.

However, some of the common issues we help with include:

  • Depression Counselling: We provide help for all kinds of depression disorders. Our counsellors in Singapore use effective tools to identify the root causes of your depression. Moreover, you may also learn how to manage your emotions and negative thinking through counselling. 
  • Anxiety Counselling: During anxiety counselling, you may learn how to handle your worry and fear. TYHO counsellors can help you learn tools to regain calmness and improve decision-making skills. 
  • Grief Counselling: You may experience profound sadness after losing someone. At this time in your life, TYHO counsellors can gently guide you through healing. 
  • Anger Management: During counselling for anger management, you may learn how to control your anger and improve your interpersonal relationships. The best counselling services in Singapore can help you focus on self-awareness and channel your intense emotions into something constructive and healthy. 

Visit our Singapore counselling page to learn more about the counselling services we offer and find the right counsellor for you! 

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