What are the benefits of online counselling?

Talk therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits to oneโ€™s overall wellbeing, including improving self-awareness, enhancing interpersonal interactions, and managing certain physical illnesses (eg chronic pain and IBS). Above all, it allows one to not just deal with their immediate concerns but also cultivate healthy habits that improve their overall quality of life. These practices can then be imparted to loved ones as well. If you are thinking about going for counselling, you may want to consider the various advantages of doing it online, including: > Easier access to counselling, particularly for those who are otherwise busy with work or other commitments, have carer responsibilities, or reduced mobility. > Up to 50 percent more affordable as compared to traditional in-person sessions. > Greater time efficiency as travelling is not required, and scheduling is made simpler. > Reduced inertia and fear of judgement as you will be attending sessions from a private space. > The option to express yourself through writing, if you prefer. At the very least, conversing with a Therapist on our platform lightens your mental load and gives you another perspective to approach your issues.

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