How do I book a session (individual, couples, in-person etc)?

The different services (eg individual), mediums (eg online), and time slots our Therapists offer are listed on their respective profiles.

You will be able to book a session with your Therapist of choice by clicking on “BOOK A SESSION” either on their short or full profiles.

Simply select your service and medium preferences accordingly and pick a time slot that best suits you. You will be directed to our payment page after confirming your selection. Upon successful payment, you will receive a booking confirmation to your email address. The booked appointment can also be found on your dashboard.

Note: A session will only be confirmed upon successful payment in full.

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What are the different mediums for therapy available at TYHO and what are the differences between them?

Currently, online and in-person sessions are available at TYHO.

Online (audio / video) sessions take place on your Dashboard, where you and your Therapist speak with each other verbally through a pop-up interface. Online sessions afford you greater autonomy and convenience (ie you are in control of your environment).

In-person sessions take place at the Therapist’s office, where you and your Therapist interact directly face-to-face. Our Therapists who offer in-person sessions have general location tags indicated on their profiles. If you find it easier to open up in-person or do not have a private space to attend sessions from, you may wish to consider booking an in-person session.

Note: In-person sessions incur an additional S$40 for the use of space and are currently only available in Singapore.

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What are the different services offered?

We offer individual and couples counselling services on our platforms.

> Family, trauma, Walk & Talk, and hypnotherapy services are available in Singapore.
> Introductory services are available in India and Malaysia.

The services each Therapist offers are indicated on their profile.

Please ensure that your Therapist’s profile lists the particular service you are looking for, and that you select the option accordingly when booking your session. For example, if you would like to have a couples counselling session, please select a Therapist who has “Couples” indicated on their profile, and select “Couples” under the Services tab when booking your session.

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