Rashmi Kunzru

Singapore-based online therapist, Rashmi Kunzru, from Talk Your Heart Out
Rashmi Kunzru

Rashmi holds a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences in Counselling from the City University of Hong Kong, and a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Lucknow, India. She has been counselling for several years, serving in the social sector, helping both local and expat clients.

Rashmi is a skilled person-centred therapist, but also integrates other counselling approaches like Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, depending on the needs of individual clients. She prioritises trust and respect for the client in a therapeutic relationship. 

In her view, what is often required to help a person is providing the conditions that foster the vitality of the person’s innate recuperative and growth capabilities. Hence therapy is not about doing something “to” the client, but providing them conditions that free their capacities for health and growth.

Rashmi has clinical experience in helping adults and young adults in dealing with mental health issues (eg anxiety, depression, self-harm behaviour, bereavement), difficulties in intimate relationships (marital difficulties, divorce and remarriage), substance abuse, chronic illness or disability of loved one, physical / sexual abuse, parenting difficulties (including those of special needs children) and acculturation problems.

As a part of outreach programme, she has conducted workshops for parents of Special Needs Children and with other local schools on various topics in order to provide clients with education and coping skills relating to anxiety, depression, stress management, life transitions and other areas of self-care important to personal growth and understanding.

Living in different countries and interacting with people from various nationalities has made Rashmi culturally aware and sensitive to the influence of culture in personality formation, mental health and help seeking behaviour of people from the South Asian community.

Prior to becoming a counsellor, Rashmi had been in the education and human resource development sector. She has authored and co-authored several research papers in leading international journals.

She has lived in India, Japan, China & Hong Kong. She currently resides in Singapore.


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